Over een paar dagen zal de Game Informer aftrappen met de eerste preview van Grand Theft Auto V ter wereld en het lijkt er op dat de eerste details inmiddels gelekt zijn. Op Gamefaqs (via X360A) zijn deze details komen bovendrijven en hoewel het op dit moment nog even afwachten is of het klopt, klinkt het allemaal erg interessant. Hieronder het lijstje met de nieuwe details.

  • You play as Albert DeSilva a half American half Puerto Rican
  • He is 42 years old and has an ex-wife and two kids
  • The show Breaking Bad has a little influence on the game, as Albert is drawn to the life of crime from an older age for the money
  • You also play as Dougie Vejo a younger criminal just coming up in Los Santos
  • Los Santos is the only large city, smaller towns round out the countrtyside
  • Grove Street makes a return, however Carl and Sweet are not in the game
  • Money plays a large part as Albert lost most of his in a ponzi like scheme
  • Property buying is back
  • The only customization for characters are clothes/hair/facial hair.
  • No gyms or tattoos
  • One or more characters from (GTA) 4 may show up
  • car customization is back, seems more fitting for Dougie however Albert may be going through a midlife crisis
  • The triumphant return of Lovefist!!! or as the band is now known as the Jezzies
  • Songs confirmed so far: My Michelle-Guns and Roses, Magic Power- Triumph, California Dreaming – The beach boys and Beautiful-Snoop Dogg featuring Pharrell
  • New mini games include golf, tennis and surfing
  • Mission played was called “Alimony” featured the scene from the trailer in which they rob the jewelry store
  • Robbery returns only for Dougie, dispensaries are a large source of cash income
  • You can switch between Albert and Dougie by holding down the back button(360)
  • Game autosaves at that point
  • Stinger makes a return
  • Speculated not confirmed Aziz Ansari voices radio DJ for current hip-hop station

Naast de details is ook een nieuw stukje artwork gelekt, zie hieronder.

De managing director van de Game Informer, Matt Bertz, heeft via Twitter laten weten dat de bovenstaande details nep zijn. Kortom, het vermeende lek was de Game Informer en dat is klaarblijkelijk niet het geval. Er is dan ook een goede kans dat alle details nonsens zijn. Later deze week meer als de nieuwe editie van de Game Informer verschijnt.

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