Het regent Killzone: Shadow Fall nieuws en dat is niet zo vreemd ook met de naderende release van deze veelbelovende shooter. Vandaag zijn de trophies van de game online verschenen en hieronder een complete lijst van alle trophies die je kunt behalen in Killzone: Shadow Fall.


  • Hero – Obtain all Killzone Shadow Fall trophies


  • The Savior – Complete level ‘The Savior’ and prevent the escalation of a new war
  • Elite Shadow Marshal – Complete all missions on Hard difficulty
  • Multiplayer Elite – Complete 400 challenges
  • Million Points – Get a total of 1,000,000 points in multiplayer
  • Jack Of All Trades – Max out all upgradable abilities
  • Weapons Specialist – Unlock all attachments for all weapons


  • The Dead – Complete level ‘The Dead’
  • The Destroyer – Complete level ‘The Destroyer’
  • Outgunned – In singleplayer, kill 6 Helghast with headshots within a single adrenaline rush
  • Shadows Cannot Be Killed – Complete the campaign on any difficulty without dying
  • The Knowledge – Find all collectibles in the campaign
  • Dominator – Win a match on every multiplayer map
  • On Your Way – Complete 200 challenges
  • Decorated – Earn a total of 500 accolades


  • The Father – Complete level ‘The Father’
  • The Shadow – Complete level ‘The Shadow’
  • Deniable – In ‘The Shadow’, operate without raising an alarm or disabling the security mainframe
  • The Doctor – Complete level ‘The Doctor’
  • The Patriot – Complete level ‘The Patriot’
  • The Helghast – Complete level ‘The Helghast’
  • The Agent – Complete level ‘The Agent’
  • The Handler – Complete level ‘The Handler’
  • New Shadow – In ‘The Savior’, complete the mission without being spotted
  • Violence is the answer? – In ‘The Savior’, kill 20 soldiers and still complete the mission
  • Outsmarted – In singleplayer, get a quadruple kill with a single Frag Grenade#
  • Outmaneuvered – In singleplayer, kill 5 Helghast with gunfire while ziplining
  • Conscientious Killer – Complete the campaign on any difficulty without shooting any civilians
  • Gatherer – Find 50% of the collectibles in the campaign
  • Tourist – Complete a match on every multiplayer map
  • Scout – Max out any upgradable Scout ability
  • Support – Max out any upgradable Support ability
  • Assault – Max out any upgradable Assault ability