NetherRealm Studios heeft weer een nieuwe update uitgebracht voor de vechtgame Injustice 2. De patch heeft versienummer 1.14 en deze update brengt een aantal algemene gameplay fixes met zich mee. Daarnaast laat de changelog een behoorlijke lijst aan fixes en balansveranderingen voor diverse personages zien.

Update 1.14 voor Injustice 2 is nu te downloaden. Check de gehele changelog hieronder.

General gameplay fixes

  • General stability and Online stability improvements
  • Move list corrections and improvements to AI logic
  • Legendary Multiverse Portals are now available for Aquaman, Black Canary, Harley Quinn
  • Fixed an issue with some Multiverse Meta Challenges not correctly completing

Character specific fixes

  • Atom – Fixed a bug that allowed Atom to block by holding back while Character Power was active
  • Atom – Can now use Side Kick’s in Multiverse events while Character Power is active
  • Atom – The environmental interaction created by the “Making Matter” ability is destroyed when his Character Power meter is fully drained
  • Atom – Fixed a lingering sound effect when the blue version of Catalyst Chaos is interrupted
  • Atom – Fixed a rare issue when interrupting Atom while his character power is active, which resulted in his tiny visual effect lingering
  • Atom – When affected by Dr. Fate’s Final Punishment, the ankhs will no longer visually appear when performing Atom’s throw animation
  • Atom – Update to Atom’s throw animation
  • Atom – Fixed issue with Atom’s victim regions not immediately resetting after his character power throw is escaped
  • Atom – Fixed many issues with lingering visual effects on “Atom Field” Gear Ability
  • Atom – Fixed some issues with Fermion Fury MeterBurn causing some animation issues on hit
  • Black Manta – Fixed a rare issue with Black Manta’s Multiverse Side Kick attack causing a crash
  • Darkseid – Clashing while Parademon is active will now cause it to disappear with a visual effect
  • Dr Fate – Fixed issue with visual effects persisting during the win screen
  • Hellboy – Adjusted the animation, hit region, visual effects location, and repel region on Devil’s Revolver which could cause some inconsistent interactions
  • Hellboy – Increased base damage on Hell’s Fury Gear Ability to 6 (up from 5)
  • Hellboy – Fixed punish indicator not working properly on some of his special moves
  • Hellboy – it is no longer possible to keep the armor active after dash cancelling out of the Gear Ability Azzael’s Guard’s Meter Burn with specific timing
  • Hellboy – After missing with Heavy Hoof (Jump + Medium), Hellboy will no longer have slightly modified repel regions for a few frames
  • Joker – Legendary Augment “Surprise Chompers” no longer auto-corrects, now does 2 base damage (down from 5), and can be clashed
  • Joker – Fixed issue with Legendary Augment “Surprise Chompers” that prevented close and far versions from being performed
  • Joker – Clashing with Chattering Teeth or Surprise Chompers on screen will now cause them to disappear with a visual effect
  • Poison Ivy – Added Sound Effects to Gear Augment “The Thorned Rose”
  • Raiden – AI controlled Raiden can now perform all end of round animations
  • Red Hood – Clashing with Ground Mine on screen will now cause it to disappear with a visual effect
  • Red Hood – The throwing stars from the “Puncture” Gear Augment will no longer appear during Supermove and Clash cinematics
  • Scarecrow – Fear-Ferno no longer builds excessive character power meter when it makes contact with Atom’s Catalyst Chaos
  • Scarecrow – Fixed visual issue that could happen when Scythe Grab was clashed from long range
  • Starfire – Star Dust will now prioritize the very far version over the far version
  • Starfire – Star Dust MeterBurn cooldown will now properly reset when it connects with armor or is destroyed
  • Swamp Thing – Abagail’s Garden Character Power visual effects now show up when doing damage to Atom while his Character Power is active
  • Swamp Thing – Fixed a bug that could cause some wood attacks impact effects to use the opponent’s shader to tint the color
  • Wonder Woman – If Shield Toss is clashed, her shield now will disappear with a visual effect