Voor diegene die Overwatch een beetje volgen is het eindelijk zover. Update 2.29 is verschenen en deze brengt veel nieuwe content met zich mee. Deze update is voornamelijk bedoeld om de verschillende personages van nieuwe cosmetische zaken zoals skins te voorzien. Maar wat is er verder nog allemaal nieuw?

Allereerst is er een nieuwe assault/escort map onder de naam Blizzard World toegevoegd. Deze map bestaat uit allerlei omgevingen geïnspireerd op oudere Blizzard games. Verder worden er naast skins nog diverse andere items toegevoegd, maar hieronder zetten we enkel de meest belangrijke toevoegingen even voor je op een rijtje.

Lang niet alles wordt dus genoemd, dus start zeker even de game op om alles op je gemak te bekijken.

New Assault/Escort Map: Blizzard World

Relive where you took your first steps in Azeroth, where you confronted the Lord of Terror, and where you spawned your first zerg rush—all of these epic memories come together on Overwatch’s newest Assault/Escort hybrid map, Blizzard World! This theme park brings the magic of Blizzard’s many worlds into one place so your most epic memories can come to life as you attack and defend the payload across Azeroth, Tristram, and the Koprulu Sector.

The Blizzard World map will be disabled in Competitive Play until the start of Season 9. It will be available in Quick Play and Custom Games starting with today’s patch. 

Cosmetics Update

Starting now, loot boxes have been infused with over 100 cosmetics inspired by Blizzard World, Overwatch animated shorts, and more! Collect new legendary skins, including: Barbarian Zarya, Black Cat D.Va, Crusader Reinhardt, Ecopoint: Antarctica Mei, Kabuki Hanzo, and emotes such as Mercy’s Parasol, Sombra’s Marioneta, and Tracer’s Bomb Spin. Additionally, players will discover new highlight intros like Bastion’s Reconfigure, Soldier: 76’s Lights Out, Winston’s Roll, and many more.

Skins (Epic en Legendary)

  • D.Va – Black Cat (Legendary)
  • Doomfist – Blackhand (Legendary)
  • Hanzo – Kabuki (Legendary)
  • Junkrat – Caution (Epic)
  • Lucio – Capoeira (Legendary)
  • McCree – Royal (Epic)
  • Mei – Ecopoint: Antartica (Legendary)
  • Orisa – Immortal (Legendary)
  • Pharah – ASP (Legendary)
  • Reaper – Hellfire (Epic)
  • Reinhardt – Crusader (Legendary)
  • Roadhog – Butcher (Legendary)
  • Symmetra – Peacock (Epic)
  • Torbjörn – Magni (Legendary)
  • Widowmaker – Nova (Legendary)
  • Zarya – Barbarian (Legendary)
  • Zenyatta – Carbon Fiber (Epic)

Highlight Intro’s

  • Ana – Under Fire (Epic)
  • Bastion – Reconfigure (Epic)
  • Soldier 76 – Light’s Out (Epic)
  • Winston – Roll (Epic)


  • Genji – Whirlwind (Epic)
  • Mercy – Parasol (Epic)
  • Moira – Facepalm (Epic)
  • Sombra – Marioneta (Epic)
  • Tracer – Bomb Spin (Epic)



  • Fixed a bug that caused weapon accuracy on the career profile to be displayed as 100%
  • Heroes

  • Fixed a bug that caused Junkrat’s Concussive Mine and Steel Trap to disappear if he placed them before using RIP-Tire