We Happy Few is al dik een jaar verkrijgbaar en de game had nog een uitbreiding tegoed. Het betreft hier de We All Fall Down expansie en vandaag is aangekondigd dat deze uitbreiding op 19 november zal verschijnen.

De uitbreiding zal ongeveer 8 euro kosten en voor houders van de Season Pass is het gratis. Hieronder alvast de launch trailer en bijgesloten de algemene omschrijving van deze uitbreiding.

We All Fall Down returns to We Happy Few’s dark origins, but burns it all down in spectacular fashion. Starving like the rest of the people, Victoria wrestles with her own withdrawals as the city slides deeper into Joy shortage and disorder. Victoria has always helped to keep things proper, but the closer she looks, the deeper the rot seems to run.

To free the city from Joy, players will strategically maneuver around the city’s rooftops, take up arms against the Bobbies, and expose citizens to their dismal truth. Victoria can whip foes in a snappy take on combat or silently take out enemies with the new dart gun. Stealthy players can climb around the rooftops, adding more variety to We Happy Few’s gameplay. We All Fall Down focuses on storytelling and fast-paced action without including the survival mechanics found in We Happy Few.

  • Tour Wellington Wells at its absolute most dire.
  • Crack the whip across the face of your foes in a snappy take on combat.
  • Take the stealthy route with a shocking dart gun.
  • Climb across the rooftops in a stealthy spin on We Happy Few exploration.
  • Stick it to the system swiftly – there’s no time for eating, sleeping, and crafting while the world falls apart.