Er staat weer een nieuwe patch klaar voor Dragon Ball FighterZ, zo heeft Bandai Namco laten weten. Update 1.23 is niet zo groot om binnen te halen, maar voegt toch aardig wat verbeteringen toe.

De verbeteringen die worden doorgevoerd met deze nieuwe update – die slechts 350MB groot is – zijn onder andere te vinden in de Tournament modus en de Arena Matches. Tevens wordt de stabiliteit van het spel verder verbeterd.

De volledige lijst met wat de patch met zich meebrengt is als volgt:

Made improvements to the following features:

  • Players can now add other players on their follow list to their favorites (3 max).
  • Players can now view information on players they’ve added to their favorites, such as the country and lobby they were last in and for how long they were there.
  • The above information will be displayed once players on the favorites log into the game. (The info will not be displayed if those players chose not to make it public).

Made improvements to the Player Card:

  • Players can now choose how their Player Card is displayed on the VS screen.
  • More information has been added to the Player Card.

Added a new feature to the shop”

  • Players can now spend Zeni and Premium Z Coins to purchase a variety of new items.

Made improvements to the preset message feature

  • The “Player Registration” category has been added, and it is now easier to find more frequently used expressions.
  • Preset messages and Z Stamps can now be sent to all regions outside the current lobby.

Made improvements to Tournament Mode

  • Reduced the minimum required number of players for FighterZ Tournaments and custom tournaments from 12 to 4.
  • Made changes to stars obtained during preliminaries. Players will now earn more stars based on how many consecutive wins they have.
  • When time remaining for prelims is low, players will fight in very quick matches.
  • Added new special rules.

Made improvements to Arena Matches

  • Players can now select an opponent when joining an Arena Match.
  • Players can now use special rules during matches.

Titles can now be displayed in online matches

Fixed issues with fighting mechanics

Updated replay data version (Replay data from older versions cannot be played)

Improved game peformance and stability