Op 1 juli verschijnt F1 22 en in die game kunnen we natuurlijk weer het huidige Formule 1-seizoen beleven. Daarnaast kunnen we ook aan de slag met de Formule 2 en qua nieuwe features zijn F1 Life en Pirelli Hot Laps toegevoegd. En gezien de kwaliteit van de voorgaande F1-games, hoeven we ons geen zorgen te maken over dit deel.

Met de naderende release zijn nu de Trophies en Achievements van F1 22 online gezet op het PlayStation Network en Xbox Live. Zo hebben we daar nu ook een overzicht van en hoewel sommige Trophies en Achievements gelijk zijn aan vorig jaar, zijn er ook nieuwe bijgekomen. Dit is natuurlijk gericht op de nieuwe features.

Hieronder op een rijtje alle Trophies die je in F1 22 kunt verzamelen. Benieuwd naar de Achievements en dan in het bijzonder de waarde daarvan? Dan kan je daarvoor hier terecht.


-Unlock all of the F1® 22 Trophies


Ultimate Prize
-Win the F1 Drivers’ Championship

Makes The Dream Work
-Win the F1 Constructors’ Championship


Always Improving
-Complete 250 successful overtakes in any game mode

Slotting In
-Slot into the grid starting box 10 times

Gold All Around
-Earn a gold medal in each type of Pirelli Hot Lap

Lookin’ Stylish
-Change the Paint Finish on all layers of a livery

Pit Perfection
-Perform 25 perfect pitstops

Fighting for 1st
-Earn 1st and 2nd place in a single race as players in Two Player Career

All Around The World
-Complete a clean lap at all tracks in Time Trial

You Know Our Name
-Reach a Team Acclaim level of 20 in My Team mode

Beating Them All
-Finish 1st in a Ranked & Unranked multiplayer race

Supercar Superstar
-Fill all 6 bays in F1 Life with unlocked supercars


Weekly Warrior
-Participate in any Featured, Weekly or Esports Event

Spotlight On Me
-Have your car be the focus during a Broadcast Safety Car

Ferrari Fan
-Win a race at Monza with a Ferrari Engine in My Team

Red Bull Racer
-Win a race at Austria with a Red Bull Engine in My Team

Renault Racer
-Win a race at France with a Renault Engine in My Team

Mercedes Master
-Win a race with a Mercedes Engine in My Team

Classic Photographer
-Take a photo using Photomode at Silverstone, Spa, Monza & Monaco

Just Popping In
-Visit another player’s F1 Life area

Proud owner
-Display a trophy in your F1 Life trophy cabinet

Feels Like Home
-Change the appearance of your F1 Life area

Getting The Hang Of It
-Drive 25 laps in a supercar in any game mode

-Drift for a total of 3 minutes in the Drift Pirelli Hot Lap

Lookin’ Good
-Change a piece of your Casual attire

Equipped With The Best
-Upgrade Pit Crew Equipment to the max level in My Team

Crisis Management
-Complete 25 Department Events in My Team

Executive Decision
-Agree to and complete an Ask The Driver Department Event

Better Together
-Complete your first race weekend in Two Player Career

Speed Demon
-Reach 300kph / 186.4mph at 10 different tracks

Pure Power
-Achieve first in the speed trap in 5 practice sessions

Back Online
-Re-open a facility that has been shutdown for more than 7 days in My Team

All Rounder
-Develop a component in every R&D Department

Get It Done
-Complete a practice session using Quick Practice

On Top
-Achieve pole position after any qualifying session

A Good Day
-Get on the podium

A Great Day
-Win your first race

I Want It All
-Set the fastest time in all 3 practice sessions, take pole position and win the Grand Prix

The Start
-Finish 10 races in online multiplayer

The Grind
-Finish 50 races in online multiplayer

The Veteran
-Finish 100 races in online multiplayer

Racing Clique
-Complete a League race

Watchful Eye
-Spectate an online race

Replay That!
-Save a captured highlight in Theatre Mode

F2 Flyer
-Complete an F2 Grand Prix with a Sprint and Feature Race at 25% or greater race distance

It Only Goes Skin Deep
-Win a 25% race in wet conditions

Tunnel Vision
-Successfully complete 15 upgrades in a single R&D department

-Boost your 2nd driver’s stats 10 times using Team Activities

-While in 1st place, lap the driver in 2nd place in any game mode

-Complete a race at F1’s hottest tracks (Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Brazil) in Clear weather

Meer weten over F1 22? Dan kan je daarvoor bij onze twee previews terecht. De eerste is een algemene kijk op de game en vind je hier, de tweede preview gaat dieper in op F1 Life.