Vorige maand ging het eerste seizoen van Battlefield 2042 online en daarmee werd het nodige aan nieuwe content geïntroduceerd. Daarnaast werden er ook diverse issues aangepakt en daar doet DICE nu nog een schepje bovenop. De ontwikkelaar heeft namelijk update 1.1.0 uitgerold, die sinds vandaag live is.

Deze update richt zich op het toevoegen van zowel nieuwe functies en features, alsook het aanpakken van de balans en issues. Bij de aankondiging dat de update live is, heeft de ontwikkelaar tevens alle patch notes gedeeld en die kun je hieronder vinden. Het betreft overigens een samenvatting, de volledige lijst is hier te vinden.

What’s new?

In this Update you’ll find new fixes, Quality of Life improvements and balance changes. Here are some highlights of what to expect:

  • New XP events for Pilot Kills, Disarming Mines and Repairs
  • Multiple vehicle balance changes such as a reduction in power for the MV38-Condor’s 50mm Cannon
  • DMR rebalancing to increase their long-range combat value
  • Battlefield Portal receives new playspaces, vehicles, and Modifier and Rules Editor options to further empower the creation of your own modes


  • A new widget has been added to the Main Menu which shows how many friends are currently online. You’ll now also see the number of online friends directly in the Social tab.
  • Voice Chat options now show you which device is being used for voice input
  • Resolved some instances where Controllers would not provide input when launching the game
  • You will no longer get stuck at the “party leader selects game” screen in the lobby when the party leader has already entered the next game. Friends stick together!
  • You’ll no longer see Unassigned or Not Set text in menus when using an alternate controller scheme
  • A Party Leader icon has been added to the Social menu
  • Camera settings for Vehicle 3rd person Field of View now apply immediately without having to cycle through camera options again
  • Changing Squads while in a party now automatically sets your VoIP setting to Party
  • The Kill Log sometimes didn’t show all kills made when “Show Kills Made” setting was to ALL. It now properly shows all kills.
  • Weapon Charms should now always be visible on weapons while scrolling through the menu
  • Bonus Missions now show the correct expiration time
  • End of Round visuals for Battle Pass rewards are no longer missing after playing a Portal match
  • The Zoom button now functions correctly when previewing Charms in the catalog
  • Zooming in/out has been made smoother while in preview menus
  • Fixed overlapping icons in Tags for players you’ve taken down
  • Completed Challenges that previously didn’t give out their reward should now retroactively grant them
  • Further new XP events have been added:
  • – New Pilot Kill Bonus Event – triggers alongside you snipe and kill the pilot of an air vehicle
  • – New Disarming Mine Event – triggers when you disarm an enemy AT Mine using Interact
  • – Repair Assist – triggers when someone in a vehicle you recently repaired kills an enemy with that vehicle
  • Reduced XP reward of Spot Assists to 10 XP
  • How Players of the Match are selected is now more consistent
  • Player Icons and Healthbars now update faster when their state changes
  • Made various changes to smooth out the overall camera experience
  • The Kill Card has received several improvements:
  • – List of nearby or incoming receivers is now visible on the Kill Card alongside information about the killer
  • – If there are no assists involved in a kill then assist will not show on the Killcard
  • – There is now an animation for when the Killcard is showing on screen or when hiding or skipping it

Battlefield Portal

  • New game presets Air Superiority and Ground Superiority have been added to the Web Builder
  • You are able to adjust vehicle count in Air Superiority and Ground Superiority game modes
  • AI Soldiers are now better at climbing ladders across Classic era maps
  • Underbarrel attachments can now be resupplied as expected by Ammo Crates
  • Added Ranger to Restrictions tab
  • Teleportation action block now works inside HQs


  • New and unique character voices have been added for:
  • – Battlefield 1942 British Engineer
  • – Battlefield 1942 American Anti-Tank
  • – Battlefield 1942 German Engineer (aka Günter)
  • Additional voice over lines have been added for Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 non-squad soldiers


  • Added 4 extra-small layouts for existing maps (Battle of the Bulge, El Alamein, Kaleidoscope and Manifest). These are suitable for creating new Vehicle TDM experiences, but they’ll also work with Team Deathmatch and Free-for-All modes
  • Several fixes have been made across Classic era maps to resolve terrain, prop and collision issues