Topic: It means that unless there’s a significant cap relief by 2023

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Jacksonville’s biggest splash on the opening day of the free-agent market was luring Christian Kirk to North Florida with Madden 23 coins a 4-year, $72M deal that could bring the sum of $84 million when he reaches the thresholds for performance. It was a price that was like a king’s ransom for a receiver who was a regular third alternative on the Cardinals offense, and who only saw significant playing time as a starter in 2021 in which he recorded 982 yards. In a bid to make promises, and coupled with having to pay a “bad team tax” the Jaguars obliterated the market for wide receivers in just one deal. Kirk wasn’t just 27th among the league in yards per reception last year, he wasn’t even viewed as the best receiver among the free agents. So, when he was rewarded as an elite cornerstone of the franchise everything changed.

The tenor abruptly changed. It was evident that Green Bay wasn’t going to be able to sign Adams for the lengthy extension they had hoped for in, which led to his transfer. Hill was also involved in discussions with the Chiefs too, but this time, money was the problem. You can’t really blame Adams or Hill in this case. If someone like Kirk earns $74M — with a guaranteed $37M — then it’s absolutely reasonable that two of Madden NFL 23’s finest have contracts that are worth nine figures.

This wassimply, impossible for either team to handle. When you have Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes who have signed big-money contracts, it’s not feasible to pay more than half of the salary cap to two players — not without jeopardizing the entire team by doing so. While the shared DNA of Las Vegas and Miami is that they’ren’t spending too much in the QB position. Derek Carr is at the middle of an extension signed in 2017 that’s set to count just over $19M against the cap in 2018. and Tua Tagovailoa is still on a rookie contract. Both teams have enough space to absorb a mammoth penalty for a top-flight receiver as part of Madden NFL 23’s new inflated pay.

This paradigm shift shows how badly-prepared Madden NFL 23 came in to cause the huge increase in the pay of receivers. One year ago, Amari Cooper was the only WR that earned over $20 million The majority of top receiver contracts falling in the $10-15M bracket. Today, there are five receivers expected to earn more than $20 million, and seven who are earning more than $15M. There will be plenty of suffering going forward, and extremely difficult to make. While QB and WR pay increases rapidly, the cap on salary isn’t keeping pace. In the last four years the cap is only up $20M, while positional salaries are soaring, especially on offense.

It means that unless there’s a significant cap relief by 2023. allowing teams to invest more (something owners will likely not want to do as it cuts into their profits) Teams will need to begin deciding which option they prefer: an elite quarterback OR an elite receiver, because they’re unlikely to buy mut 23 coins have the funds to pay both.

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