Rond de release van Call of Duty: Modern Warfare schreven we een prijsvraag uit waarin we op zoek waren naar een nieuwe rekruut voor Captain Price. We hebben verschillende inzendingen mogen ontvangen, maar er kan er maar één de winnaar zijn.

PSX-Sense gebruiker Jeetn kwam met een buitengewoon uitgebreide en creatieve inzending en die willen we jullie niet onthouden. Hieronder zijn inzending, inclusief video’s waarin hij zijn skills toont.

Gefeliciteerd Jeetn, de prijzen komen snel jouw kant op!


Hello Captain Price,

I heard of one of my local assets you are looking for a recruit, search no further, the best candidate is right here. I understand that a man of your qualities need some proof to back up this claim. So I added some proof of my skills.

First I added a Resume that will add up my skills and experience. Read it very thoroughly and delete the intel afterwards. I do not want that info to be compromised, as it contains intel about missions that never happend, if you know what I mean.

Second I got two after action report video’s. Because off data limitation in this mailformat I will apply a link to them on a secured military platform called Youtube. On the first video you will see a range of skills in a undercover mission I did in a Russian-controlled boxfactory.

As a ‘smooth operator’ You will see I’m highly skilled with the vehicle called ‘Transpalet’. A high speed electric vehicle only skilled operators can control. You will also notice my strenght, as I bench palets and boxes weighing sometimes more than 100 kilo’s.

The weapon I use is A ‘JP.45 Lijm Pistol’. They say only two men can wield this gun, me and Arnold Schwarzenegger. As you watch the video fully you will see other skills as PS-controller skills, machinery skills and balance skills. Destroy your computer after watching the video, then get a secure laptop to view the rest of the mail and other video.

If you are not convinced after seeing the first report, Then I got another, more action-based. Mostly the video speaks for itself, as it contains highlights of my best kills and operations over the years. I am sure you will appreciate this video as great minds think alike.

I hope all this intel will convince you that I am a number one pick for your recruitment, as I would hire myself.

Russian Boxfactory


Curriculum Vitae

Personal profile
A highly competent, motivated and enthusiastic professional with experience of working as part of a team in a stressymilitary environment. Previous employers have always been impressed with the speed I kill and the methods I use for retrievingsensitive intel. As a multi-language speaker, I can communicate bilingually with local assets of any country and have excellent weapon qualifications (Lijm Pistol and every other weapon made in history).


  • The battle of Spaghetti (2016)
  • The battle for The Chocomousse (2014)
  • The battle for Last piece of rib (2011)


  • Fight over controller ‘friend 14’ (2017): he is not my friend anymore
  • Fight over controller ‘brother’ (2010)
  • Fight over controller ‘nephew’(2005): he ain’t family no more

Sleeping Time fights:

  • Fight with ‘the Mother’(1998): Epic Win after homework
  • Fight with ‘the Father’(2000):1 hour extra win
  • Fight with ‘the Mother of Friend 14’(2002):Epic Win

Activities and interests

  • Part of the local Ballet team since 2011
  • President of the amateur local stand-up comedy club: The Idiots
  • Participate every year to the run for Vietnam-veterans since 2003
  • Experienced with all weapons and vehicles known to man
  • Speaks 53 languages, but not Chinese


  • Captain Macmillan: Intel confidential
  • General Shepherd: Intel confidential