Er zijn gisteren tijdens Sony’s persconferentie heel wat nieuwe PS Vita titels aangekondigd. Zoveel PS Vita games dat we er niet allemaal over hebben kunnen schrijven. Wel was er één game waar we zeer blij van werden, namelijk de komst van Borderlands 2 naar de PS Vita. Deze game zal helemaal geport worden naar de PS Vita, maar wanneer hij zal lanceren weten we niet.

De komende 12 maanden worden we in ieder geval verwend met minstens 25 nieuwe games. Hierbij hoort Borderlands 2, BigFest, Murasaki Baby, Killzone Mercenary, Football Manager Classic 2014 en Tearaway. Verder zijn er nog heel wat games van verschillende indie ontwikkelaars.

Hieronder hebben we een complete lijst voor je van alle 25 aankomende PS Vita games.

  • Over 25 new titles coming to PS Vita over the next 12 months including:
    • Top selling Borderlands 2 from 2k Games
    • Also coming to PS Vita is LEGO® Marvel™ Super Heroes from Warner Bros and Football Manager Classic 2014 from SEGA, offering the full PC game available for portable gaming for the very first time including continuous play between the PC and PS Vita versions
    • Killzone: Mercenary, launching on 4th September 2013 – demonstrated PS Vita’s potential to deliver home console quality FPS with graphics and gameplay to match
    • Tearaway™, launching on 22nd November 2013 – won the E3 Critics choice award for best handheld game, showcased PS Vita’s ability to deliver truly innovative gameplay, with that distinctive Media Molecule charm
    • Murasaki Baby, which has been designed specifically around PS Vita touch controls by start-up Italian developer Ovosonico, led by acclaimed industry veterans Massimo Guarini and Gianni Ricciardi
    • BigFest™,  a free-to- play game where music fans are invited to create, build and manage their ultimate music festival working with real unsigned bands in a unique collaboration with online music portal Jamendo
    • The highly anticipated Starbound from Chucklefish, the smash hit FEZ from Phil Fish and the sequel to one of the highest rated shooters of all time, Velocity 2X from FuturLab, as well as Age of Zombies (BlitWorks), A-Men 2 (Bloober Team), Assault Android Cactus (Witch Beam), Avoid Droid (Infinite State Games), Broken Sword: the Serpent’s Curse (Revolution Software), Eufloria HD (Omni Systems), Final Horizon (Eiconic Games), Flame Over (Laughing Jackal), Gravity Crash Ultra (Just Add Water), Gunslugs(Abstraction Games), Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (Dennaton Games and Devolver Digital), Joe Danger 1 (Hello Games), Joe Danger 2 (Hello Games), Kick & Fennick(Green Hill Studios), Muramasa Rebirth (Aksys Games), Rogue Legacy (Cellar Door Games), Samurai Gunn (Teknopants), Supermagica(Tama Games), Switch Galaxy Ultra (Atomicom), Table Top Racing (Ripstone), Volume (Mike Bithell) and Wasteland Kings (Vlambeer)