Er wordt vandaag nieuwe content beschikbaar gesteld voor Helldivers, zo werd bekendgemaakt op het PlayStation Blog. Enige tijd terug verscheen de game en Roel gaf in z’n review een prima cijfer aan de top-down shooter van de Zweedse ontwikkelaar Arrowhead Game Studios.

De DLC zijn verschillende personage bundels en iedere figuur heeft zijn eigen look en speciale skills. Naast de drie DLC personages komt er nog een vierde bij die maar beperkt beschikbaar is. Deze kun je namelijk alleen vanaf vandaag downloaden tot en met 28 april. Je kunt alle ‘normale’ packs aanschaffen voor € 5,99 of individueel voor € 2,99. Hieronder nog een korte toelichting en afbeeldingen.

Commando Pack: 

  • The Commando Uniform (helmet, armour and cape).
  • SMG-34 ‘Ninja’: A silenced, compact, submachine gun with short reach and good accuracy. The silenced aspect has been debated much and there is no proof that it actually reduces the risk of detection.
  • MLS-4X ‘Commando’: A multiple missile launcher system similar to the one used on the EXO-44. From its four barrels it fires seeking missiles at a high rate of fire; primarily an anti-personnel weapon, it can be upgraded to have limited anti-tank capabilities.

Defender Pack: 

  • The Defender Uniform (helmet, armour and cape).
  • CR-9 ‘Suppressor’: A semi-automatic rifle firing small fragmentation grenades. It is a volatile weapon but capable of devastating large masses of enemies, hence the nickname ‘Suppressor’.
  • AD-334 ‘Guard Dog’: A backpack drone system, featuring an automated defensive combat drone armed with a small submachine gun. The drone circles ahead, firing at targets of opportunity and will land in the backpack to reload.

Support Pack: 

  • The Support Uniform, Helmet, Armour and Cape.
  • LAS-16 ‘Sickle’: A carbine based on laser technology, modified to behave more as a regular assault rifle. It overheats quickly but well placed shots do excellent damage and the virtually unlimited ammunition is invaluable in tight situations.
  • AD-289 ‘Angel’: A backpack drone system, with an automated healing and repair drone that will try to help all friendly targets in its vicinity. It will land in the backpack to refill the restorative substance.

Ranger Limited Edition Pack: 

  • The Ranger Uniform, Helmet, Armour and Cape.
  • LHO-63 ‘Camper’: A designated marksman rifle with high power and accuracy traded for fire rate, few enemies take more than a few shots to kill.
  • ‘Humblebee’ UAV: An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, capable of revealing enemies and hidden objectives at greater distances.