StarBlood Arena is een vlotte shooter met luchtschepen voor PlayStation VR. De game werd eerder deze maand uitgebracht voor Sony’s virtual reality headset. De game kende nog wel enkele problemen en ontwikkelaar Whitemoon Dreams heeft nu dan ook een nieuwe patch voor het spel uitgebracht.

Update 1.03 voor StarBlood Arena heeft een flinke changelog en voert veel fixes door voor de matchmaking van het spel. Ook wordt de balans tussen de verschillende schepen verbeterd, wat natuurlijk voor een fijnere ervaring moet zorgen.

De gehele changelog van de patch kun je hieronder bekijken. Voor meer informatie over StarBlood Arena kun je terecht bij onze review.


  • The number of players required to begin a match is varied based on player availability, with map selection reflected
  • Time to find a match within a search bracket reduced before matchmaking widens its search.
  • While in the Lobby Lineup before a match, the ready up timer is reduced to 30 seconds, and now automatically readies players instead of kicking them.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented idle players from being kicked if they were killed before timing out.
  • Fixed an issue where private match team games could start out with unbalanced teams if a player disconnects after entering the lineup, but before all players have joined.


  • In Carnage, if two or more players have the same kill score, the player with the least amount of deaths wins, otherwise if deaths are the same it will tie. For Team based modes if the team scores are tied the game will end in a tie.
  • Fixed an issue with Dregg’s Plasma Ball missile stopping in midair if its target is killed before collision.
  • Missiles no longer fire an extra dummy missile.
  • Fixed an issue where certain maps can sometimes take too long to load.
  • Fix for a rare tutorial crash.

UI Updates

  • Online friends now be sorted to the top of the Crew Invite Menu.
  • Added messaging to Burn Circuit notifying players they need to place first in a Burn Circuit match to progress.
  • After navigating to the Ship selection menu, the selection now defaults to “Confirm” instead of “Weapon Systems.”
  • “The Carl” control scheme no longer uses SIXAXIS to Ascend/Descend.
  • Fixed an issue where it would show the party leader icon for all parties in the lineup instead of just your party.

Balance Updates

To better show off the various styles of each ship, we made an overall update to shields and speeds. There are now three tiers of speed (Fast/Medium/Slow) and four tiers of shields (1000/1100/1200/1300) that the ships are categorized into. We have also made character specific updates and balances as outlined below:

Alice (Bombardier):

  • Grenade Launcher (Secondary) – Weapon spread per shot (max 8) decreased by 2.5%

Apollonia (Hunter):

  • Scattergun (Primary) – Damage increased by 18%
  • Harpoon Launcher (Missile) – Damage increased by 35%, Ammo decreased from 8 to 5 harpoons, Ammo regeneration delay doubled
  • General – Shields decreased from 1200 to 1100, Speed increased to fast-tier

Blade (Assassin):

  • Plasma Launcher (Primary) – Minimum damage increase by 38%
  • Wing Blades (Secondary – Lunge) – Increased the effective distance of the lunge
  • Black Death (Heavy) – Damage per second increase by 20%, Heavy ammo gained increased by 6%
  • General – Shields increased from 925 to 1000, Speed increased to fast-tier

Dregg (Sniper):

  • Skirmish Guns (Secondary) – Damage increased by 30%, Damage falloff increased by 30%, Ammo cost increased by 50%, Ammo regeneration delay decreased by 60%
  • General – Shields increased from 875 to 1000, Speed increased to fast-tier

Elsa (Soldier):

  • Inferno Guns (Primary) – Heat ammo gained decreased by 21%

Gundo (Gunship):

  • Proton Guns (Primary) – Damage decreased by 29%
  • Ion Discharger (Secondary) – Damage increased by 9%
  • Shield Drain Array (Heavy) – Heavy ammo gained decreased by 4%
  • General – Shields increased from 1025 to 1100

Baron (Deathnaught):

  • Deathbeam (Heavy) – Heavy ammo increased by 50%
  • General – Shields increased from 1200 to 1300, Speed increased to medium-tier

Tik-Tak-Toh (Tank):

  • General – Shields increased from 1200 to 1300

HOTAS Controls

“Charlie Surprise” and “The Frenchy” were remade to more closely resemble traditional flight controls, as requested by the community. “The Sinister” is now a combination of the old and new schemes without the modifiers, as they made it overcomplicated, but we still wanted to keep something there that players might have already gotten used to.