DICE heeft Battlefield 1 van een nieuwe update voorzien, namelijk update 1.11. Deze update is een ruime 4.8GB groot en brengt naast enkele aanpassingen en verbeteringen ook wat nieuws met zich mee. Zo allereerst de map Prise de Tahure. Dit is de zesde en tevens laatste map dat onderdeel uitmaakt van de They Shall Not Pass uitbreiding waarin spelers met het Franse leger aan de slag kunnen.

Deze map is de tweede map dat zich afspeelt in de nacht. Het heeft qua uiterlijk wel wat weg van de map Amiens, maar denk daarbij aan meer close-combat gevechten, smalle straatjes, loopgraven, kapotte huizen en nog veel meer.

Tot slot heeft DICE ook Premium Trials de wereld in gebracht met deze update. Eigenlijk is Premium Trials hetzelfde idee als de eerder geïntroduceerde Premium Friends. Als je geen Premium Pass bezitter was, moest je voorheen met een vriend die dat wel had samen gamen om toch de nieuwe maps te kunnen spelen. Met Premium Trials hoeft dat niet meer. Nu kan je solo de nieuwe maps spelen.

Bekijk hieronder de volledige changelog.

Prise de Tahure

  • Prise de Tahure is our second night map and the final map for Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass. French raiders and German stormtroopers clash in an urban trench setting as the nights grow colder in the Champagne-Ardennes region. The frontline trench networks cut right through several villages facing obliteration from the constant skirmishing between German and French troops. This content will be available for Battlefield 1 Premium Pass owners and owners of the They Shall Not Pass expansion pack. Non-Battlefield 1 Premium Pass owners will be able to access the content via Premium Friends or Premium Trials.

Premium Trials

  • With this update, we’ve introduced Premium Trials. Premium Trials are timed events that allow non-Battlefield 1 Premium Pass owners to experience the maps of our fully released expansion packs before they buy. Sounds similar to Premium Friends, right? It’s the same feature, but without the need to party up with a Premium Pass owner. Earning XP, spawning in vehicles released in the expansion, and progression/unlocks will be restricted to Premium Pass owners.

Maps & Modes

  • Soissons: Adjusted Flag D capture area in Frontlines to improve map balance.
  • Nivelle Nights: Fixed a bug where the Out of Bounds grayscale screen-effect would sometimes fail to enable.
  • Nivelle Nights: Fixed an issue where field kits in sector five in a Rush game could be used before the sector was active.
  • Fort de Vaux: Players should no longer be able to get on top of the fort around the courtyard area.

Other Fixes

  • Updated the Map Voting system to exclude the previous map (as well as the current map) from the random selection pool to prevent the possible A-B-A-B map play pattern.
  • Game will now cancel matchmaking whenever backing out of the Operations globe screen. This to prevent a lingering blur state of the globe.
  • Synchronized damage taken effect to the actual shooter networked state. Previously it lead to out of sync effects where the shooter was not yet visible.
  • Fixed a rare client crash that could occur when a player joined late and a player just dropped/picked up a weapon.
  • Fixed a disconnect issue that could occur when loading a map.


  • Premium Friends – Non-Premium players’ score will now show 0 throughout the match on all Scoreboards and End-of-Round screens.


  • Added new setting to allow for limited number of specific kits.
  • Added setting for round time limit multiplier.
  • Added setting for Unlimited Magazines.
  • Countdown stops if players drop: Lowered the required player count for countdown to start game round to the minimum number of players required to finish a game if preround is enabled. The player count is unchanged if preround is disabled.
  • Implemented a latency soft lock option where players with a ping higher than 100ms higher get kicked automatically.


  • Fixed issue where the “Player-Created Content” option was grayed-out, unusable, and set to “Hide” after booting the title without a network connection.
  • Fixed the wrong transport driver chase camera caption in the controls UI.
  • The networking issues icons will not show up in Spectator Mode anymore.