Met de release van Team Sonic Racing vandaag zijn de Trophies online gegaan op het PlayStation Network en als je die nog even wilt raadplegen voor je de game aanschaft of gaat spelen, dan kan je hieronder terecht.

De platinum Trophy van de game behalen is niet buitengewoon ingewikkeld, maar uitdaging is niet uitgesloten gezien je de gehele campagne op de hoogste moeilijkheidsgraad moet uitspelen. Ga jij voor de platinum Trophy?

Meer weten over Team Sonic Racing? Check dan hier onze review.


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!
-Collect all Trophies.


Can You Feel The Sunshine?
-Earn every star in Team Adventure Mode.

Well, That Wasn’t So Hard
-Complete all Team Adventure chapters on Hard difficulty.


The Final Showdown
-Complete Chapter 7 of Team Adventure Mode.

Reach For the Stars
-Earn every star in Team Adventure Mode Chapter 3.

Starlight, Star Bright
-Earn every star in Team Adventure Mode Chapter 4.

Star Power
-Earn every star in Team Adventure Mode Chapter 5.

-Earn every star in Team Adventure Mode Chapter 6.

-Earn every star in Team Adventure Mode Chapter 7.

-Collect all of the Team Adventure Mode Keys.

Go Hard Or Go Home
-Complete all possible events on hard in any Team Adventure Mode chapter.

Performance Enhancing Mods
-Unlock all of the Performance Mods (Except Legendary Mods).


You’re Fired
-Cause an opponent to spin-out using a Red Burst.

Quick Off The Mark
-Perform a maximum Start Line Boost.

Let Me Introduce Myself
-Finish an online race.

The Taunting Tanuki
-Complete Chapter 1 of Team Adventure Mode.

Dimensional Rift
-Complete Chapter 2 of Team Adventure Mode.

Dark Arrival
-Complete Chapter 3 of Team Adventure Mode.

Cheaters Never Win
-Complete Chapter 4 of Team Adventure Mode.

Between Zavok And A Hard Place
-Complete Chapter 5 of Team Adventure Mode.

-Complete Chapter 6 of Team Adventure Mode.

Roadside Assistance
-Perform a Skimboost on a slow-moving Teammate.

Twinkle Twinkle
-Earn every star in Team Adventure Mode Chapter 1.

-Earn every star in Team Adventure Mode Chapter 2.

A Friend In Speed Is A Friend Indeed
-Beat a friend’s leaderboard time in Time Trial mode on any track.

Whoa! I’m Getting Dizzy!
-Perform a triple Stunt.

Wisp You Were Here
-Gain 6 positions by using a single Yellow Drill.

On The Skids
-Stay in a single Drift for over a minute.

-Collect 20,000 Rings.

So Far So Jaded
-Travel 200 meters over slow-down surfaces with a single use of a Jade Ghost.

A Prize Every Time
-Spend 5,000 Credits.

Cyan Of The Times
-Spin out 2 racers with Cyan Laser.

Freezy Peasy
-Finish Frozen Junkyard without hitting any hazards or respawning.

Speed Painter
-Unlock all of the Vehicle Paint Kits.

This Time It’s Personal
-Modify a vehicle in the Garage.

Ad Ultimatum
-Perform a Team Ultimate 3 times in a single Race.

Slingshot Pro
-Perform 100 Team Slingshots. (Across all Game Modes).

Fire The Catapult!
-Perform 10 Team Slingshots in a single Race.

There Is No “I” In Team…
-Perform Team Item Transfer, Skimboost, Team Slingshot and Team Ultimate in a single Race.

What’s Mine Is Yours
-Send an Item Box to a Teammate 5 times during a Race.

Target Practice
-Land a hit on enemy racers with each use of a x3 Orange Rocket.

Threat Neutralized
-Use the White Boost to destroy a projectile.

Cutting Corners
-Use the White Boost to avoid being slowed down by terrain.

Violent Void
-Use the Violet Void to absorb a projectile and hit the racer who fired it.

Road Block
-Block an incoming projectile with a Blue Cube.

Thorn In Their Sides
-Cause 3 opponents to spin-out by shunting them with a Pink Spikes active.

Sonic Heroes
-Complete a Team Race with 2 additional local players on your Team.

Villainy 101
-While playing as Eggman, spin out Sonic 3 times in the same Race.

Artful Dodging
-Avoid every hazard created by a Gray Quake.

The Customizer Is Always Right
-Achieve 1st place in a race with a fully customized Vehicle.

-Avoid the effect of being hit by an Ivory Lightning.

But There Is A Me…
-Come first in an online race.