Na de aankondiging van de Ninja Gaiden collectie durven we te stellen dat veel fans blij zijn dat ze deze games dadelijk op alle hedendaagse platformen kunnen spelen. Vooruit, misschien zijn ze iets minder blij met het derde deel, maar desalniettemin is het goed nieuws. Maar Ryu Hayabusa past eigenlijk ook perfect in de meest recente titel van Team Ninja, namelijk NioH 2.

Met patch 1.26 op de PlayStation 4 en patch 1.026 op de PlayStation 5 is dat nu mogelijk. Een zeer goede marketing strategie als je het ons vraagt, gezien de NioH spelers van nu wellicht niet bekend zijn met Hayabusa’s avonturen van toen. Naast de toevoeging van deze legendarische ninja brengt de patch natuurlijk ook nog diverse verbeteringen en bugfixes met zich mee, die we hieronder even op een rijtje hebben gezet.

Additional elements

  • Add the transformation of “Dragon Ninja,” to receive, visit the boon in the shrine.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where items could suddenly become unusable during multiplayer and many actions could not be performed properly.
  • Fixed an issue where “slow marks” used by enemies could have a very long duration
  • Fixed a bug that youkai may fall when activating the youkai techniques “White Tiger” and “Nue” near a cliff.
  • Fixed a bug that the ball would fly to the ground if you lock on “Osakabehime” and make a strong attack while using the Yin-Yang technique “Fire Mark”, “Water Mark”, and “Lightning Mark”.
  • Fixed a bug that the powerful blow that can be activated by the mystery of Naginata Sickle “Transitional Sickle” and “Transitional Rage” may not be activated at 120fps.
  • Fixed a bug where the rock rolling sound could continue to remain for traps that roll large rocks placed during missions.
  • Fixed a bug that guests could sometimes select a hierarchy that was not released in “Accompanying the Eternal World” of “Naraku Jigoku”
  • Fixed a bug where enemies in the darkness would drop the armor “Kobo Daishi’s priest’s robe” with a high probability.
  • Fixed a bug where facial accessories would disappear when equipped with the head armor “Hagure Sohaya Costume Ears”
  • Fixed a bug where the head equipment of “Katagiri Katsumoto” and “Wakisaka Yasuharu” appearing in the main mission “Daigo no Hanami” was reversed.
  • Fixed other minor bugs

PS4 Specific Notes

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that PS4 ™ version “Nioh 2” and PS4 ™ version “Nioh 2 Complete Edition” users could not match each other when the matching condition of multiplayer was set to “Friend”.

Nioh 2 Update 1.26 February 17 (1.026.00) PS5 Specific Notes

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that the display of the key guide for changing the posture at the bottom right of the screen is broken when “Operation method” is changed to “Custom” in “Controller settings”.