Het is slechts een maand geleden dat we een concrete releasedatum kregen van MX vs. ATV Legends, het nieuwste deel in de ruige racefranchise. 24 mei luidde toen het bericht, maar ontwikkelaar Rainbow Studios heeft jammer genoeg minder leuk nieuws: zet die motoren voorlopig nog even uit, want de game wordt uitgesteld.

Gelukkig gaat het hier niet om een erg lang uitstel: de nieuwe releasedatum is immers 28 juni geworden, wat slechts een maand langer wachten is. Het nieuws werd aangekondigd met het volgende bericht.

“The development of Legends has been such an exciting and challenging experience for our team at Rainbow Studios and THQ Nordic. Attempting to push the boundaries of what an off road racing game is, while also retaining what has brought our community of players to the MX vs. ATV franchise in the first place is not a simple task. The result so far is exactly that: Something new that offers more gameplay than any previous MX vs. ATV we’ve made, but at the very same time feels like a classic game from the franchise.

Game delays are never fun for the developers, or players. In our case we needed to choose between speed or quality, and the decision was simple. We want to make sure that when MX vs. ATV Legends comes out, it is the highest level of quality that Rainbow Studios can offer. Our art team making sure that frame rate is high and stable by making tons of passes in all of the environments. Releasing trailers, then listening to feedback so that we can make sure the physics are tuned just right. Design working across all departments to make sure that what we offer is a gaming experience you will be excited about every time you turn your console on. Engineers testing our new dedicated servers for stability so that the online experience is seamless for everyone. And of course, QA is working out all the bugs.

All of these moving parts have to come together just right in order to make a game that is stress free, fun, challenging, and rewarding to the players. We now have that last little bit of time we need to make sure that you all get the game you deserve and we are beyond excited for what Legends has in store for you.”

Tegelijk ging ook een nieuwe trailer live die ons de Collector’s Edition voorstelt, inclusief leuke figurine. Bekijk die hieronder.