Dark Souls is een donkere RPG game die goed te spelen is voor echte die-hards. De game is goed ontvangen bij velen en ontwikkelaar From Software mag niet klagen met de behaalde resultaten.

Zoals heel veel games, ook nu weer het geval, zijn ze niet perfect bij de release. In Japan hebben ze onlangs de patch 1.04 mogen aanschouwen en vandaag is dan ook de beurt aan ons. Deze patch zal heel wat bugs fixen een gehele lijst zal hieronder te vinden zijn (fijn, dat Google Translate).

The main items to be improved [fix]
some magic · review of the effect of 
  ”magic shield”, “magic shield” strong 
  ”history of a moderate peace” Slow effects, such as 
  ”Ring of the Mist,” 
  ”Iron Body ” 
to attribute weapon · weapons capability review of the balance of 
magic adjustment / armor / weapon – other 
  ”magic fire” magic power correction and tuning 
· matching conditions adjusted Multiplayer 
• In multiplayer when you kill a boss Adjust the amount of available host in Seoul (available in full) 
– “Orb cracked red eye” when it fails to break in using a number of high rate corrected to use 
when adjusting the amount of the defeated enemy acquisition Seoul 
Adjusting items when you kill an enemy drop 
  some boss “humanity” and “bone fragment return” drop the 
  item drop rate adjustments and commitments reinforced materials, especially low drop rate 
item by finding may force · Person increase effective coordination 
coordination • The shop lineup

Merchants of Immortality (M)
“Bottomless wooden box” Add
Merchants of Immortality (Female)
“Arrow” normal, “or” big, “and the tree”, “Normal Bolt,” “Heavy Bolt”, “Wood Bolt” Add
Andrei blacksmith
“Arrow” normal, “or” big, “and the tree”, “Normal Bolt,” “Heavy Bolt”, “Wood Bolt” Add
The Xena Donaru
“Arrow” normal, “or” big, “and the tree”, “Normal Bolt,” “Heavy Bolt”, “Wood Bolt” Add
If the ritual after moving to the next day, and “universal key” Add
Giant blacksmith
“Arrow” normal, “or” big “feather and”, “Normal Bolt,” “Heavy Bolt,” “Sniper Bolt”
“Fragments of a stone wedge,” “fragments of the rock wedge,” “fragments of the green wedge”, “shining stone wedge”,
Box “fire weapons”, “fire armor box,” box “repair” Add
Vamos blacksmith
“Arrow” normal, “or” big, “and the tree”, “Normal Bolt,” “Heavy Bolt”, “Wood Bolt”
“Fragments of a stone wedge,” “Box arms fire,” “fire armor box,” box “repair” Add
Inguuado Healer
“Curse of the temporary” add

Pledge – “Warriors of the Sun” downward adjustment constraints (× 5 ≧ 25 + multiplayer number of successful faith × 5 ≧ 50 ⇒ number of successes + Multiplayer faith) 
required downward adjustment of acquittal in Seoul (Level level × 500 × 2000 ⇒ ) 
· Adjust the weight with 
Lock-on, adjust and lock switching 
• Enable modification of the case hangs 
on display in Seoul changed and the level up menu 
behavior fix or magic items that can be used indefinitely for certain operations · 
Attacks Fixed problem that the imposition of a one-second delay 
on lap, 2, “Astra Soraru” behavior modification event does not proceed 
– “Exploring the king’s Furamuto” By feeding the stone wedge, wedge If the number exceeds 99 possession of the stone, the number of bug fixes and zero possession 
of a phenomenon at a particular location map drawn to · avoid non-progression 
with a change in the overseas edition is in English produce some changes in the subtitle