Afgelopen week hadden we al het nieuws dat er een multiplayer modus én een korte VR campagne naar Prey zouden komen. Beiden zijn vanaf nu beschikbaar middels patch 1.06 voor de game. Wel is nog altijd de Mooncrash uitbreiding vereist om de nieuwe features te kunnen checken.

In de Typhon Hunter multiplayer modus zal de speler het op moeten nemen tegen vijf andere spelers die als mimics zullen spelen, de kleine aliens uit Prey die elke vorm aan kunnen nemen. TranStar VR is een singleplayer VR-ervaring, waarin je diverse puzzels op zal moeten lossen.

Een volledig overzicht van alle vernieuwingen vind je hieronder.

Typhon Hunter Multiplayer Info

  • It is an asymmetrical 5v1 game of deadly hide’n’seek.
  • One player gets to play as Morgan Yu while the other 5 players play as shape-shifting Mimics.
  • Morgan’s goal is to eliminate all 5 Mimics in the given time limit, while the Mimics have to outlast Morgan.
  • The Mimics have a lunge attack that can stun Morgan but their main strength lies in their signature Mimicking abilities.
  • As a means of hiding, they can transform into any of the physics objects on the map that “aren’t bolted down”.
  • They have a brief moment of prep time to find the best hiding spot before Morgan is dropped into the map.
  • Morgan has a wrench to smash the Mimics but can rarely find a silenced pistol or special Mimic detecting psychoscope.
  • The three in-game locations that we currently know of include; Morgan’s office, The Sim Labs and The Yellow Tulip.
  • All object locations have been seeded to be a little bit random every time you play, so no experience will be quite the same.
  • It will be fully playable in VR sometime early into next year. Only confirmed platform so far is the HTC Vive, we will update this post as more information comes out.
  • Servers are peer-to-peer and there’s a quick-play-esq matchmaking system in place.
  • Players can choose to play with or against AI if they wish.

TranStar VR Info

  • Three immersive “escape rooms” set on Talos I have been adapted specially for this new mode.
  • All have their own unique story and objective, with plenty of gadgets and puzzles to play around with.
  • The first is set in Morgan’s office, where he must construct and test a prototype for a new invention called the Nullwave Device. This device may be the key to protecting humanity from the Typhon aliens, but you’ll need to use all the available scientific gadgetry in the correct sequence to get it working.
  • The second is set in the Sim Labs, where you are Dr. Calvino, the genius behind the Looking Glass technology. It’s with this tech that you will convince Morgan Yu he is still in his apartment on Earth – but there are some kinks to work out and you’re the only person who can fix them.
  • The last is set in the Yellow Tulip where, as Abigail Foy, you receive a message from Danielle Sho asking you to meet her after hours. But the Yellow Tulip is empty when you arrive, and all you can find is a mysterious sequence of clues and puzzles for you to follow. Who knows what’s really waiting for you?
  • A bonus TranStar Museum location will also be available to explore in VR, where you can get a very up-close-and-personal look at some of the most memorable props and Typhon aliens from the game.
  • As with the Typhon Hunter PvP mode, the only confirmed compatible VR platform so far is the HTC Vive, we will update this post as more are confirmed.