Eind februari deelde Lucid Games de toekomstplannen voor Destruction AllStars en toen werd duidelijk dat de game voor de komende twee maanden nog heel wat content zal krijgen. Voor maart werd onder meer de Mayhem playlist beloofd en deze is nu verschenen. Update 1.003.001 is nu beschikbaar om te downloaden en is zo’n kleine 600MB groot.

De grootste toevoeging is dus de Mayhem playlist, waarin je het in teams van 8 tegen elkaar opneemt. Deze playlist is twee weken lang beschikbaar. Ook wordt er opnieuw aan de Weekly Challenges gesleuteld en deze update brengt verder nog wat bug fixes met zich mee. Hieronder kan je de volledige patch notes vinden.

Patch notes update 1.003.001 voor Destruction AllStars

  • NEW: Mayhem 8v8 Playlist now available in Multiplayer.
  • This featured playlist is available for two weeks.
  • Weekly Challenges will now reward Destruction Points alongside AllStar Coins.
  • Increased the amount of AllStar Coins players receive upon leveling up.
  • Added 9 new AllStar skins to the game.
  • Added the first Heroic and Legendary tier skins – a significant uplift compared to previous tiers.
  • End game podium for solo game modes has been expanded to include the top three players.
  • Added an emote prompt on the end game podium screen.
  • Fixed an issue where moving from training to multiplayer affected the audio experience, including announcer voice over.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the camera to become detached from the player.
  • Fixed an issue that caused parties to split when queuing at the end of a game.
  • This should help mitigate imbalanced teams in multiplayer games.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some badges to unlock when achieving the unlock condition of other badges.
  • We are still actively investigating reports of Trophies not unlocking alongside badges.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from completing the “Wreck Smoke Commander” Star Objective in Lupita’s Leader of the Pack Challenge Series.
  • Fixed Player level number. This should now be correctly reflected across all areas of the UI.
  • Fixed several UI issues.
  • Improved matchmaking reliability when finding players.
  • This should help mitigate instances of players getting stuck in an infinite search.
  • Improved HUD messaging relating to player ping.
  • Players experiencing high latency for a prolonged time will receive a minor notification in the bottom right of the HUD, near the mini-map.
  • Improved matchmaking stability.