Sony online Entertainment heeft zojuist een update gegeven aangaande de PlayStation 3 freezing bug van DC Universe Online. Op de officiële Facebook pagina van ontwikkelaar DeadMeat geven ze aan dat met deze hotfix het aantal crashes wel minder is geworden, maar dat nog niet iedereen van het probleem af is.

De vastloper wordt veroorzaakt door een out-of-memory error en dit heeft altijd tot gevolg dat de PS3 vastloopt. DeadMeat is er van bewust dat dit probleem niet langer kan en is er volop mee bezig om met een juiste oplossing te komen.

“I just wanted to take a minute here to explain what is happening with DCUO on the PS3. Although the hot fix today lowered the number of crashes by a great deal, there are obviously still problems. The crash that the great majority of folks are facing is an Out Of Memory error (OOM for engineer short hand). Quite simply the game gets into a state where it requires more memory and there is no more to give. On the PS3 (or any game console) that results in an immediate crash or ‘Freeze’.

This is unfortunately a very hard error to fix since it is usually situational. Meaning that you need the right combination of things going on around you at the right moment in time to trigger the fault. We cannot create in house the same conditions that thousands of players online can so we have to make guesses about where the issues lie and try and find a solution. We have obviously not guessed them all.

None of this is meant as an excuse. I know you guys just want to play and for us to fix our game. We are still here working to make sure that happens.

Executive Producer”