Eerder dit jaar bracht Ziggurat Interactive een HD-versie uit van Enclave, een third-person actie-RPG uit 2002, voor de PS4, Xbox One en Switch. De uitgever heeft nu bekendgemaakt dat de PS5-versie vanaf 5 december verkrijgbaar zal zijn. Je kunt de trailer waarin de PS5 releasedatum is onthuld hieronder bekijken.

Key Features

  • Haptic trigger effects for DualSense controllers, exclusive to the PlayStation 5 version.
  • Immersive, fast-paced feudal-era combat.
  • A massive narrative scope, including two distinct campaigns with their own endings.
  • More than 25 unique missions, plus additional bonus content.
  • 12 diverse unlockable characters, each blending elements of traditional character classes in a one-of-a-kind way.
  • Challenging boss opponents, each requiring different tactics to defeat.
  • An interactive gameplay tutorial that gets you into the action fast.
  • Three different difficulty settings provide the right level of challenge for any player.
  • A plethora of varied weapons, collectible objects, consumables, and magic items.
  • Surprises around every corner with dozens of scripted event triggers to keep you on your toes.
  • Captivating soundtrack paired perfectly with atmospheric sound effects.