Hoewel Resident Evil 3 al enige tijd in de schappen ligt, ontvangt de multiplayer van de game – beter bekend als Resident Evil: Resistance – regelmatig updates. Zo werd er een tijdje geleden een berg cosmetische items aan de game toegevoegd en dat is nu ook weer het geval. Capcom heeft namelijk een nieuwe update klaargezet.

Met deze oktober update worden er weer veel nieuwe cosmetische items beschikbaar gesteld. Naast de vele skins zijn er nu ook een tweetal nieuwe wapens, een nieuw wezen en veel Skill cards in de game te vinden. Hieronder kan je de volledige patch notes van de oktober update bekijken.


  • Added 5 new weapon skins.
  • Added 35 new Survivor skins.
  • Added 10 new Survivor gestures.
  • Added 30 new sprays.
  • Added 10 new creature skins.
  • Added 4 new zombie gestures.

Survivor Weapons

  • The new KASHIMA weapon can now be purchased from the Armory in all areas.
  • The new RAI-DEN weapon can now be purchased from the Armory in areas 2 and 3.


  • A new creature, the Ne-α, has been added. It can be spawned by using the new Ne-α skill card.

Skill Cards

  • Added the Decoy skill card.Places a harmless trap to trick Survivors.
  • Added the Shock Trap skill card.Places a trap that shocks nearby Survivors when triggered. Causes temporary paralysis.
  • Added the Flashbang Mine skill card.Places a trap that emits a blinding flash when triggered. Temporarily blinds nearby Survivors and blurs their vision afterwards.
  • Added the Enhancer – Invincible skill card.Equips a launcher which fires darts that grant creatures temporary invincibility.
  • Added the V-ACT Zombie skill card.Spawns a zombie buffed with Berserker, Regen, Energy Leech, and Infection.Interrupts Bio Energy recharge for a short duration.
  • Added the Reclamation Anchor skill card.Deploys a device which projects energy tethers to nearby creatures, recharging Bio Energy if they are killed. Lasts until disabled.
  • Added the Energy Leech Rifle skill card.Equips a rifle that deals a small amount of damage and recharges Bio Energy.
  • Added the Remote Regen Mod skill card.While in hand, restores a small amount of health to creatures when they are controlled.
  • Added the Remove Limiter skill card.Immediately decrease Ultimate Skill cooldown by a certain amount.Interrupts Bio Energy recharge for a long duration.
  • Added the Ne-α skill card.Spawns a Ne-α that has an auto targeting ranged attack. (controllable)
  • Added the Ne-α – Infectious skill card.Spawns a Ne-α that has an auto targeting ranged attack and emits infectious gas. (controllable)
  • Added the Barrier skill card.Raises a protective barrier in place that blocks all Survivor projectiles and firearm attacks except for the flamethrower.
  • Added the Supply Zombie skill card.Spawns a Supply Zombie that is immediately marked on the Survivors’ map. (controllable)
  • Added the Deception skill card.Makes all cameras look as if they are currently being used by the Mastermind.
  • Added the Umbrella Reserves skill card.When used, this card transforms into a random powerful skill card.Interrupts Bio Energy recharge for a short duration.

System Changes

  • Increased the Equipment Point limit for all characters
  • Adjusted ranks at which additional skill cards are unlocked such that all skill cards are obtained by rank 20.


  • Added the new Ambush area 2 exclusive card for Annette.Spawns a zombie without expending any Bio Energy. (controllable)
  • Added the new Licker – Regen Aura area 3 exclusive card for Annette.Spawns a Licker with a regeneration aura that shares its buff effects.


  • Added the new Synchronize Mod area 2 exclusive card for Daniel.While in hand, up to 4 creatures in view will move in sync with the creature being controlled.
  • Added the new Remote Shell area 3 exclusive card for Daniel.Spawns a zombie with all creature buff effects and greatly increased attack power and health. Does not act unless controlled. Cannot be killed while inactive.
  • The Unnatural Selection skill variant now also increases damage dealt by the Ne-α’s Tentacle Spear.


  • Added the new Contagion area 2 exclusive card for Alex.Makes infected Survivors vomit. This deals damage, but also lowers their Infection Rate. Damage dealt scales with Infection Rate, but will not defeat Survivors.
  • Added the new Detonator Mod area 3 exclusive card for Alex.While in hand, all explosive traps detonate immediately after being spawned.


  • Added the new Omniscience area 2 exclusive card for Spencer.When used, this card transforms into a random Exclusive Card that belongs to another Mastermind.
  • Added the new Reroute area 3 exclusive card for Spencer.Switches out the active Bio Core. The cost of this card decreases as fewer Bio Cores remain.


  • Added the new Auto Shield Mod area 2 exclusive card for Nicholai.While in hand, newly equipped on-camera weapons will gain an electromagnetic shield for a set duration.
  • Added the new Tactical Shields area 3 exclusive card for Nicholai.All cameras gain an electromagnetic shield.Interrupts Bio Energy recharge for a set duration.
  • The Watchdog skill variant now includes the Ne-α amongst the creatures it can randomly deploy.

Adjustments and Fixes (coming soon):


  • Lengthened the cooldown of Flash Baton’s “Shockwave” skill variant.
  • Resolved an issue where the damage reduction effects of Sapper’s “EOD Suit” skill variant would remain applied indefinitely if Martin was in the process of disarming a trap when the Survivors advanced to the next area.


  • Resolved an issue where the Tyrant would become unresponsive if attacked while performing certain actions.


  • Increased the rate at which cards’ Bio Energy cost decreases when using Bioactivation’s “Paracelsus Generator” skill variant.


  • Adjusted the odds at which various creatures are randomly spawned when using Firearms Specialist’s “Watchdog” skill variant.
  • Reduced the damage dealt by the Nemesis’s Exterminate ability when using Bioweapon: Nemesis’s “Extermination” skill variant.


  • Increased the ammo consumed per reloaded shot for the W-870.

System Changes

  • Resolved an issue where it was not possible to disarm traps placed on inclines and multi-leveled surfaces.
  • Other minor changes and adjustments.