EA Sports UFC 3 heeft een nieuwe patch gekregen met versienummer 1.03. Deze patch brengt naast een flinke lijst aan wijzigingen, fixes en verbeteringen ook een nieuw personage naar de game. Zo kun je de game nu spelen met Dana White, de president van de UFC. Mag je hem niet? Geen probleem, dan zorg je dat de CPU met hem speelt, zodat je hem in elkaar kunt slaan.

De patch is vanaf nu beschikbaar om te downloaden.

Fighter Reveal Dana White

Tale of the Tape:

  • Fighting out of Las Vegas
  • Height: 6’0”
  • Weight: 205 LB
  • Reach: 72 3/4

Fighter Ratings:

  • STRIKING: 91
  • STAMINA: 86
  • HEALTH: 90


  • Tuned takedown and clinch denial stamina logic to make consecutively denied attempts more punishing
  • Tuned clinch denial block recovery frames to remove free head kick after clinch denial, while also tuning vulnerability to be high for longer after a clinch denial.
  • Make it possible to evade body knees with side lunges
  • Reduce AI tendency to throw body kicks.
  • Tune the tendency for the AI to successfully block high/low based on the opponents previous strike patterns
  • Tune damage logic for close range straights so they don’t lose as much damage landing against someone who is leaning back. This will make it easier to punish someone in close with a straight while they are kneeing you or swaying back for example.
  • Added new block animations to give better visual feedback on block breakdown mechanic
  • Reduce stamina tax on health events and knock downs
  • Reduce evaded strike stamina penalty
  • Remove strike specific bonus damage on uppercut following a duck
  • Increase recovery time until you can slip after a body jab
  • Vulnerability tuning while ducking and side slipping, making the vulnerability higher on ducks, and making vulnerability last longer on side sways.
  • Eliminate evasion on body punch combo strikes, so the first punch gets evasion, any follow up combo punches won’t.
  • Slow down body jab by 4 frames, slow down body straight by 2 frames
  • Reduce counter vulnerability multiplier. Special note on this one. After play testing, we don’t feel we tuned this one back enough. We plan on further reducing it in a future tuner set, but had to release this one as is to meet the deadline.