De ene game na de andere komt uit en er staat nog genoeg op de releaselijst voor later deze maand. Eén van de aankomende titels die voor volgende week gepland staat is GreedFall. De Trophies van die game zijn nu online gegaan en als we de lijst doornemen, dan ziet het er naar uit dat je meerdere malen door de game heen moet voor de platinum Trophy.

Benieuwd naar wat je allemaal moet doen? Check dan het overzicht hieronder, maar weet dat het wat spoilers kan bevatten. In aanvulling op de Trophylijst hebben we ook nog een nieuwe combat trailer voor je. Die is slechts 27 seconden lang, maar toont wel weer wat nieuwe beelden van de game.


Trophy Platinum
-Earn all GreedFall trophies


A better world
-You have managed to reconcile all the factions and restore balance


Missed coup
-You prevented the Coin Guard from attempting a coup

All for one, one for all!
-You managed to unite all factions against Constantin

Back to the roots
-You have decided to abandon the old continent to its sad fate

A big step towards peace
-You have chosen balance, but you miss some of your allies

Island for sale
-You have favoured the old world at the expense of your roots

New gods
-You have become one of the new deities of the island alongside Constantin

A passion for extreme
-Complete the game in extreme mode


All sails set!
-You have finally taken the path to Teer Fradee

The Prince’s secrets
-You have discovered the secret of the Congregation and your origins

Betrayal in blood
-You had to kill the friend who betrayed you

In the name of the Enlightened
-You have decided to save Thélème from the Guard’s coup

A preserved Alliance
-You have decided to save the Alliance from the Guard’s coup

-You have passed Glendan’s test

Outside the stone prison
-You have freed Constantin from the claws of Vinbarr

Influence game
-You have influenced the election to make your favourite become high-king.

En on míl frichtimen
-You entered the shrine and spoke to En on míl frichtimen

Something is rotten
-You have discovered Constantin’s actions

Serve to convince
-Complete 20 secondary quests

Friendship above all
-Finish all companion quests

Guardian of love
-Be in a relationship with Kurt

-Be in a relationship with Siora

Love and botany
-Be in a relationship with Aphra

Love and the sea
-Be in a relationship with Vasco

Arena Excellence
-Succeed in all the challenges of the arena

-Have a good reputation with the natives

Thélème’s chosen
-Have a good reputation with Thélème

Favoured with the Bridge Alliance
-Have a good reputation with the Bridge Alliance

-Find and set all camp fires

Melee virtuoso
-Do damage 500 times with a melee weapon

War mage
-Do damage 500 times with an offensive spell

-Do damage 300 times with shots

-Do damage 200 times with traps

Poisoning artist
-Poison enemies 100 times

Another sip?
-Use 50 potions

Shadow blade
-Use your assassination skills 30 times

Master of the woods
-Kill a Wood Guardian

King of the peaks
-Kill a Mountain Guardian

Swamp creature
-Kill a Swamp Guardian

The wrecker
-Kill a Beach Guardian

The legend of the plains
-Kill a Plains Guardian

Hunting with hounds
-Hunt 20 animals

The monsters’ nightmare
-Kill 600 monsters

Coercive diplomacy
-Kill 300 humans

Full pockets
-Empty 100 containers

Curiosity cabinet
-Collect ingredients 200 times

Worthy of legends
-Acquire a legendary item

In the footsteps of the masters
-Unlock a new skill

The art of war
-Unlock all the warrior skills

Incomparable technique
-Unlock all Technical skills

Magical perfection
-Unlock all Magic skills

Full of talent
-Allocate a new talent point

-Unlock the 3 levels of a talent

Cat burglar
-Pick 20 locks

-Craft 10 equipment improvements

-Craft 10 alchemical elements

On the path to power
-Allocate a new attribute point

In search of perfection
-Unlock the 5 levels of an attribute