DICE heeft vandaag laten weten dat de volgende update voor Battlefield 2042 bijna gereed is om uit te brengen. Deze update staat gepland voor volgende week en komt met maar liefst 400 individuele bug fixes en quality of life verbeteringen.

Voor alle specifieke details zullen we tot volgende week moeten wachten, wel gaf community manager Kevin Johnson op Twitter een zeer beknopt overzicht van de belangrijkste aanpassingen vrij, zie hieronder opgesomd.

  • Rao and Paik shall have their traits updated. Sundance has also received some fixes to their Grenade Belt, allowing for better Anti-Armor Grenade target acquisition within their immediate vicinity rather than things football fields away!
  • Ribbons have been tweaked in order to allow easier unlocking across modes such as Rush.
  • XP for Support Actions and Teamplay within the game have also been balanced to ensure teamwork remains king.
  • Vehicular Warfare balancing alongside targetted tweaks to the likes of the Bolte, to ensure that Infantry/Vehicle counter play still has some bite!
  • Bug Fixes towards the ADS bug when exiting a vehicle and reviving near obstacles are also in this Update.
  • Attachments shall also receive an overhaul in Update 4.0, with a focus on ensuring they feel unique and have an impact on your loadout choice and gunplay.