Diablo II: Resurrected heeft weer een nieuwe patch ontvangen en net zoals eerdere patches zal deze een aantal problemen oplossen en wat verbeteringen doorvoeren. Dit is echter niet het enige. De update dient ook als voorbereiding op de aankomende ‘Competitive Ladder’.

Patch 2.4 zorgt er onder andere voor dat je kunt kiezen uit drie grafische ‘Legacy’ settings. Tevens kan je nu meer pijlen bij je dragen, maar weer minder wapens die je kunt werpen. Er is na het installeren van de patch een ‘message of the day’-functie toegevoegd, waar het meest belangrijke nieuws wordt weergegeven.

De update zorgt er ook voor dat je op 28 april zonder problemen kunt starten met ‘Competitive Ladder’.  Dit ranked systeem bevat vier modi: Classic Ladder, Hardcore Classic Ladder, Expansion Ladder en Harcore Expansion Ladder. Ieder heeft ook zijn eigen leaderboard.

In Classic Ladder speel je vier acts met een nieuw personage. Hardcore Classic Ladder is hetzelfde, alleen heb je maar één leven. Met Expansion Ladder speel je vijf acts, waar de ‘Lord of Destruction’-uitbreiding bij in zit begrepen. Hardcore Expansion Ladder is hetzelfde als de vorige, maar dan heb je maar één leven.

Hieronder kun je de ‘quality of life’ verbeteringen zien die patch 2.4 met zich meebrengt. Wil je de complete changelog zien en meer weten over Competitive Ladder, bekijk dan de website van Blizzard.

Diablo 2: Resurrected Patch 2.



  • Added language support for non-ASCII written language
  • Added player messaging for when a player tries to launch the game on an out of date patch version
  • Added ‘Message of the Day’ capabilities to the main menu to allow us to share important game updates with all players

New Feature – Legacy Graphics Emulation

  • There is now an option in the Graphics Settings Menu under ‘Legacy’ that allows you to choose between 3 different emulation options for the Legacy game graphics. The options are ‘GDI’, ‘Glide’, and ‘Resurrected’.
  • ‘GDI’ emulates the software rasterization of the original legacy game and does not apply any filtering
  • ‘Glide’ emulates the hardware accelerated backend of the original legacy game with bilinear filtering
  • ‘Resurrected’ uses the Glide emulation with additional fixes in place to address an artifact that would occur with the original Glide rendering

Developer Comments: We feel ‘Resurrected’ is the definitive emulation mode players should use, but we noticed feedback during PTR that some players preferred the style of legacy graphics released at launch, which did not have any filtering and most closely resembled the software rasterization of the original legacy game. We hope these emulation modes provide players the means to choose the legacy graphics they prefer.


  • Improved the reliability of pets, summons, and mercenaries teleporting to the player instead of being despawned


  • Updated Barbarian Leap and Leap attack animation behavior to give it a smoother trajectory that should keep the Barbarian on-screen at all times, and reduce jerkiness when he lands

Character Selection

  • Newly created characters will now sort to the top of the character selection list


  • When holding down a mouse button to target an enemy with a skill, the skill will continue to execute after that target dies
  • Minimap will now automatically re-open after death if you had it open prior to dying
  • Arrow and Bolt max quantity increased to 500
  • Throwing weapon quantity has been increased by 50%
  • Blocking will no longer interrupt a player while performing a skill or attack. If a player character triggers a block during this time, the damage will still be negated, but the animation will not play
  • Changed how attack speed is determined while dual-wielding weapons. Swapping weapons between hands should no longer result in dramatically different attack speeds
  • Character hit recovery will now have diminishing returns when being hit by another player
  • Quick cast skills behavior has been unified such that left click quick cast skills behave in the way the right click behavior operated

Developer Comments: We want to fix some of the awkward lockouts that reject player input from casting skills. For PVP, we added a way to reduce hit recovery spam to prevent edge cases of characters being locked out for too long.


  • Mercenary UIs will now display if the mercenary cannot use a skill because they are too low level