Ontwikkelaar Leenzee Games en uitgever 505 Games hebben de titel Wuchang: Fallen Feathers aangekondigd. Deze game is in ontwikkeling voor de PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S en pc. Een releasedatum is er nog niet, maar de game zal in 2025 verschijnen.

Hieronder vind je de eerste trailer van Wuchang: Fallen Feathers en daaronder een algemene omschrijving, die door de uitgever gedeeld werd.

WUCHANG: Fallen Feathers is a Soulslike action RPG set in the land of Shu during the dark and tumultuous late Ming Dynasty, plagued with warring factions and a mysterious illness spawning monstrous creatures.

Become Wuchang, a skilled pirate warrior struck by amnesia, who must navigate the uncertainties of her mysterious past while afflicted by the horrific Ornithropy disease. Explore the depths of Shu, enhancing your arsenal and mastering new skills harvested from fallen foes. Evolve your fighting style by sacrificing elusive Red Mercury and further develop new techniques obtained throughout your action-packed journey. Augment the weapons in your repertoire with powerful enchantments, allowing for a unique approach to combat and strategy that suits your personal style.

Battle against grotesque abominations, drawing on ancient lore to challenge the creeping darkness that threatens the humanity that remains. Your quest for truth will take you through forgotten temples, overgrown ruins, and shadowed paths fraught with peril. As you piece together Wuchang’s lost memories, your choices will lead you to one of several endings—each determined by the choices made, secrets unearthed and the allies you choose to trust.

Immerse yourself in a rich storyline, dynamic combat system, and breathtaking visuals that offer an unforgettable adventure through lands veiled in chaos and death. Will you reveal the truths of Wuchang’s curse and bring peace to Shu, or will you succumb to the encroaching horrors? The fate of the land rests in your hands.