Final Fantasy XV spelers opgelet, er is weer een nieuwe update beschikbaar en die voegt het één en ander aan de game toe. Het gaat hier zoal om een nieuwe quest die je kunt spelen en die levert je een nieuw wapen op.

Verder brengt de update nog wat Tomb Raider items naar de gewone game en de Comrades multiplayer modus. Het betreft hier update 1.26 en die is in totaal 3.8GB groot. Hieronder uiteraard alle details op een rijtje.

New Features

  • Introduction of an Info menu on the title screen.
  • Implementation of the TERRA WARS event quest. This is an additional quest from Chapter 5 onward, you can find it at Malmalam Thicket denoted by a purple quest icon. Upon completion of the quest, you can obtain the following reward: Sarah’s Shortsword (Attack: 179, Magic: +9, Light: +15.) – The sword of the world’s savior. Imbued with a holy power, its attack increases when HP is at max.
  • Addition of pieces from TERRA WARS, Tomb Raider, and DJ NOBUNAGA to music player tracklist. A total of six songs have been included and are as the following:
  • TERRA WARS Original Soundtrack – Tsukihikari
  • TERRA WARS Original Soundtrack – Clay Models
  • Tomb Raider Original Soundtrack – Main Theme
  • Tomb Raider Original Soundtrack – Sacrifice
  • Tomb Raider Original Soundtrack – Goodbye Paititi
  • DJ NOBUNAGA Original Soundtrack – Chocobo Theme (Yasutaka Nakata Remix)
  • Inclusion of new cosmetic items in MULTIPLAYER EXPANSION: COMRADES, **these items will not appear within Avatara or Comrades by default. For Avatara they can be obtained via Official Treasures, for Comrades they can be purchased in Lestallum, see below:
  • DJ Nobunaga Tee (1500 gil) – Article of clothing to be worn on the upper body. Stylish T-shirt showing off some wild and crazy warlords.
  • Lara Croft’s Ensemble (10000 gil) – Full outfit for the entire body. Modeled after the ensemble by the intrepid tomb raider herself.


  • Changes made to Comrades guests / AI characters.

Bug Fixes

  • Ravus now heals player character in Episode Ignis after glitch from Version 1.21.
  • Various bug fixes.