Naast dat Ubisoft aan meerdere uitbreidingen voor Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla werkt, houdt de ontwikkelaar de community ook goed op de hoogte van welke issues bij de studio bekend zijn. Ubisoft heeft deze lijst met bekende problemen nu weer van een update voorzien.

De lijst is onderverdeeld in issues die met een toekomstige update hoe dan ook verholpen worden en problemen die Ubisoft eerst nog verder zal moeten onderzoeken. Dat overzicht check je hieronder.

Wanneer de eerstvolgende update voor Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla precies wordt uitgebracht is niet bekend, maar Ubisoft belooft snel met meer informatie te komen.



  • Cannot proceed with several quests:
    • Clues and Riddles
    • War Weary
    • A Sword-Shower in Anecastre / stuck after pledging to Lincolnscire
    • A Little Problem
    • Settling Down
    • Brewing Rebellion
    • Walls and Shadows / Cinematic doesn’t start
  • Cannot interact with Settlement NPCs
  • Mari Lwyd disguise doesn’t disappear after completing the Glowecestrescire Arc
    • Potential Workaround: Re-equip the cloak and/or toggle the cloak several times
  • Cannot interact with Hoard Treasures (Grantebridgescire, Hamptunscire, Oxenefordscire, Eurvicscire)
  • Unable to Fast Travel since 1.1.0 or before
    • Potential Workaround: Go to the settlement and see to that the event (wolf playing with children that then runs away when you approach them) ends. You may have to relaunch your game if it doesn’t work right away.
  • Cannot complete the Daughters of Lerion encounter
  • “A Man’s Best Friend” ability not received
  • Old Cellar mystery cannot be completed
  • Didn’t receive Storming the Walls after completing Severing the Lines
  • Quiver has a minimum amount of arrows available after TU 1.1.0
  • Fish do not spawn at coasts or in the ocean



  • Cannot proceed with several quests:
    • A Brother’s Keeper
    • Taken for Granted
    • The Seas of Fate
    • A Rivalry for the Ages
    • Road to Hamartia
    • In Absence of an Ealdorman
    • A Sword-Shower in Anecastre / Aelfred doesn’t move
    • The Big Finish / Unable to complete the boss fight
    • Walls and Shadows / Objective not updating
  • Final order member not revealed
  • Ubisoft Connect achievements missing
  • Cannot move shelves in The Demon Odour at the Tithe mystery
  • Cannot complete the Good Catch achievement/trophy / Fish missing (Flatfish large, Halibut small, Mackerel large, Sturgeon small



  • Mari Lwyd costume applied after completing the Glowecestrescire arc (in Glowecestrescire)
    • Note: This is intended behaviour in Glowecestrescire. The Mari Lwyd costume will be applied over the disguise when roaming the Glowecestrescire territory.
  • Dropping the torch during battle requires you to aim with LT and press RT to drop
    • Note: This is intended behaviour.
  • World event cannot be completed due to various actions.
    • Workaround: To reset, fast travel to a different location and return later to restart.
  • The world map territories do not scale to Eivor’s power level.
    • Note: This is intended behavior.
  • “The Way of the Berserker” and “Legend of Beowulf” can be accessed after founding your settlement in England.
    • Note: To start the quest you need to go to Eivor’s room in the longhouse and open your letterbox and read the highlighted letters.
  • Struggling to find the third clue for the Adze? The clue is hidden in the region.