Sinds februari dit jaar is Codemasters officieel onderdeel van EA en ondertussen werken ze keihard aan F1 2021. Desondanks sleutelt de Britse studio nog even door aan hun vorige game: DiRT 5. Patch 4.03 – ook wel de ‘Red Bull Revolution Update‘ – is daarom beschikbaar gesteld en de update voegt een aantal toffe extra’s toe.

Naast de acht nieuwe Red Bull liveries die je op je auto kunt plakken, is het vanaf nu ook mogelijk om cross-platform matches op te zoeken in Online Public lobbies. Tevens zijn er weercondities toegevoegd aan alle Playgrounds locaties en een lijst met bugs is opgelost.

De volledige changelog én de bijbehorende trailer voor de Red Bull Revolution Update staan hieronder voor je klaar.


  • Official Red Bull liveries – eight liveries for multiple cars
  • Cross-platform matchmaking – available in Online Public lobbies for races and party events
  • Red Bull arch added to Playgrounds Create mode
  • Wet and stormy weather conditions added for all Playgrounds locations
  • Ghost lap time options added to Time Trial and Gate Crasher events
  • Stats stickers – new Driver Card stickers available for reaching progression milestones

Technical Changes

  • Chinese and Korean Localisation added
  • Further fixes for crashes on Xbox One/Xbox One S, particularly on Ice Breaker events
  • Fixed crash occurrences when scrolling through rewards for specific sponsors
  • Fixed instances of crashes when attempting to select ‘Wireless Controller’ from the Input Settings
  • Fixed crash occurrence when backing out of Photo Mode shortly after changing weather conditions
  • Further checks and balances for currency payouts across multiple game modes
  • PC: Fixed instances of driver animations not appearing in cockpit cam
  • PC: Fixed instances of raytraced shadows appearing incorrectly
  • PC: Further fixes for instances of crashes, particularly when using a Nvidia 3090 graphics card
  • PC: Fanatec Clubsport v2.5 no longer defaults to a pedal preset and saves user-selected data
  • PC: User-selected wheel rim presets are now stored in save data, meaning players no longer have to reselect a preset every time they boot the game
  • The ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ controls on a d-pad are no longer locked to changing camera view, and can be bound to different actions by the player
  • Xbox One: Fixed crash occurrence when signing out of a player profile whilst in Playgrounds
  • PS5: Fixed crash occurrence in Playgrounds when a player deletes their only published Playground
  • PS5: Fixed softlock occurrences when selecting ‘Show More’ in Playgrounds Discover mode
  • Various visual and technical tweaks and updates across the board to improve game performance and quality of life