DICE en Ripple Effect Studios hebben vandaag wat minder goed nieuws te melden omtrent Battlefield 2042. Het eerste seizoen is namelijk uitgesteld naar de zomer van dit jaar, daardoor zullen spelers dus nog wat geduld moeten opbrengen.

De reden van het uitstellen zit hem in het nastreven van de hoge standaard die de ontwikkelaars zich gesteld hebben voor de franchise. Desalniettemin kreeg Battlefield 2042 veel negatieve feedback te verduren en men is nog steeds bezig om alles glad te strijken.

Hieronder de verklaring van de ontwikkelaars:

Today we are stating our team’s commitment to bring the game up to the highest standards that we all hold for the franchise. We’ve had to make some big decisions to ensure that our next set of updates can be focused on delivering these improvements, with the most substantial one being to move the release date of our first Season to early Summer. Beyond this, the studio has confirmed a number of updates are set to be implemented “as soon as possible,” including the refreshed Scoreboard feature.

  • Scoreboard – “In our next update, we’ll be adding a refreshed in-round Scoreboard alongside further changes we’ve worked on since the holidays. This will be an ongoing evolution from what was shown in the work in progress we shared recently. We have heard your feedback around including two tables and separating your own team versus the enemy, and are working on incorporating that for the release. K/D scoring and End of Round reporting will also be coming in a future update.”
  • Cross-gen comms – “The arrival of voice communication (VOIP) is just the start of the improvements we’re bringing to enhance team play and communications.”
  • Player Profile – “Giving you a better overview of your career on the battlefield and how far you have to go for your next unlock.”