Square Enix is nog niet bereid om Chocobo GP op te geven. Hoewel de game kritisch geen succes is, zijn het vooral de fans die erg ontevreden zijn. De game zit namelijk vol met microtransacties en hier wordt extra veel nadruk op gelegd door het bereiken van levels in de seizoenspas heel langzaam te laten verlopen.

Hoewel de kritieken niet mals zijn, blijft Square Enix werken aan updates en zo is update 1.05 nu verschijnen. De patch notes staan zoals altijd hieronder en onze Chocobo GP review lees je op de site.

Chocobo GP – Version 1.0.5

This update contains the following content changes:

1. Fixes to improve an issue with information transferred when matchmaking is established.
*Due to measures taken to improve this issue, the following behaviors will now no longer occur:
・Races starting with fewer than 7 players
・Issues affecting the controls for one’s own and other player’s characters.
・Lap information becoming inaccurate.

2. Fixes to reduce the waiting time before retrying when matchmaking fails in Chocobo GP mode.

3. Fixes to a bug that allowed players to perform specific actions while jumping in order to move along while still floating in the air.
*These fixes will have the following effects on Time Attack mode:
・Ghost data that was downloaded on previous versions of the game can no longer be used.
・Ghost data uploaded in Time Attack mode from previous versions of the game can no longer be downloaded.

*In addition, the records of unfairly fast times achieved through using this bug will be deleted on a case-by-case basis.
*All rankings will be reset at the start of the next season.
We will continue to release further updates to make Chocobo GP more convenient and fun to play.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused and ask for your understanding.
Thank you for continuing to support Chocobo GP.