Dead Island 2 is weer wat beter geworden. Ontwikkelaar Dambuster Studios heeft namelijk een tweede quality of life update op ons losgelaten, die toch een flink aantal problemen naar de prullenbak verwijst. Patch 1.05 – zoals de update officieel ‘heet’ – pakt onder andere de coöp en de HUD aan, zoals je in de onderstaande lijst zelf kan lezen.

Fixed the “Max Headroom” issue

  • Fixed issue where players would sometimes not receive the Achievement/Trophy “”Max Headroom”” when reaching level 30

Fixed the “Perks of the Job” issue

  • Fixed an issue where the Achievement/Trophy “”Perks of the Job”” would sometimes not increment correctly

Fixed the “Hollywood Ending” reward issue

  • Fixed an issue where finishing ‘Hollywood Ending’ with a full inventory awards two copies of Emma’s Wrath which are lost after performing a Save/Load

Fixed Weapon-focused issues, including:

  • Level Matched Weapons which were left in a Storage Locker do not revert to their original level after proceeding through any Loading Screen
  • Weapons durability does not decrease while certain perks are applied

Game HUD fixes

  • Ensure minimal HUD preset turns off damage numbers

Gen 8 Consoles co-op improvements

  • Introducing fixes which enable players on Gen 8 Consoles to host co-op games.

Performance and Stability Improvements

  • This fixes different in-game crashes, including traveling, loading screen, and respawning during missions.