343 Industries heeft een nieuwe patch uitgebracht voor Halo Infinite. De patch is nu beschikbaar om te downloaden en maakt het mogelijk om Vsync te gebruiken op apparaten met een refresh rate van 120Hz (of meer) zonder dat het de maximale framerate limiteert.

Bekijk de volledige lijst aan patch notes hieronder:


The following changes were made in the October 26, 2023, patch.

  • Enabling Vsync on PCs with a refresh rate 120Hz or higher will no longer restrict the max framerate.
  • The UTIL/PRO-Tek ComNet-2020 Shoulder Pads and the TAC/SCM-P Knee Pads for the Mirage IIC Armor Core now appear correctly.
    • The bundles containing these two items, the ComNet and Erinyes bundles, will become available for purchase again via the Armor Hall menu next week. Submit a ticket if you would like a Halo Support agent to reach out directly when these bundles are available again.
    • If you purchased either bundle while these items were appearing incorrectly, the development team will be granting you the Credits you spent on purchasing this bundle. This grant will not revoke your ownership of the bundle contents. Submit a ticket if you would like a Halo Support agent to reach out directly when this grant is complete.
  • Improved stability in the Customize menus, such as the Armor Hall and Weapons Bench.
  • Selecting multiple objects or prefabs in Forge Edit mode now has less of an impact on game performance.

Thank you to all players who submitted a ticket on these or other in-game issues. Stay tuned to @HaloSupport on Twitter for the latest news on upcoming releases.


Alongside this update, the team has added two new issues to our Known Issues list:

  • When picking up the Bandit Evo, the weapon’s scope is not visible. When this issue occurs, the scope can be used normally.
    • This issue does not occur when spawning with the Bandit Evo as your primary starting weapon.
  • A recent NVIDIA driver is causing some players on PC to experience extended loading screens when launching Halo Infinite.
    • Workaround: If you have an NVIDIA graphics card and you’re experiencing this issue, roll back to driver version 537.58.
    • The development team is working with NVIDIA to ensure this shader caching issue is resolved in a future NVIDIA graphics driver update.