Wellicht is Battleborn je al een beetje ontschoten, niet zo gek ook, want de game liep praktisch leeg na een maand na de release. Dit kwam niet zozeer doordat het een slechte game was, maar omdat Overwatch eraan kwam. Ondanks dat het twee verschillende games zijn, kennen ze toch een flink aantal gelijkenissen. Maar mensen die op zoek waren naar een dergelijke shooter, die gingen voor Overwatch.

Battleborn werd ook al snel voor een gereduceerde prijs verkocht en ging al snel de boeken in als flop.

Toch blijft men de game voorzien van nieuwe content en vandaag komt er wel een hele grote patch voor de game uit. Deze patch voegt Finishers, Role Specialization, nieuwe loot boxes, balans voor de personages, Gear Flair, performance updates en nog veel meer toe.

Check de changelog van de patch hieronder en de uitgebreide lijst kun je op het blog van Gearbox terugvinden.

Patch Notes

Details regarding the Battleborn update were revealed in the official Gearbox blog. While there are different notes for the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions, they’re all relatively the same. Either way, no system was left behind for this update.

Gear Flair:

HATS! HORNS! EARS! Oh, my! We’ve added a new visual Gear Flair system to Battleborn! Hunt down visual aesthetic customization enhancements to make your favorite Battleborn look SWANK! Flair has a random chance to be added to any gear item. To wear a piece of Flair, activate that Gear item within any match or mission.

  • Hats
  • Ears
  • Horns


Want a way to celebrate each competitive KO with a bang? Finishers let you do just that! Finishers are purchased boosts which will add special FX to a player kill anytime you secure the KO. Pick up a Finisher today and celebrate the sweet taste of victory!

  • Fireworks Finisher: Replaces the player kill beam visual FX with a flashy fireworks display!
  • Something Fishy Finisher: Replaces the player kill beam visual FX with a pile of rotten fish, now with extra-taunt flavor!
  • Dance Off Finisher: Replaces the player kill beam visual FX with sparkling disco ball, as you dance your way to the top!
  • “I Heart” Finisher: Replace the player kill beam visual FX with hearts, smiles, and flowers as you send your love to your defeated foe!

Character Role Specialization:

We want to bring more emphasis to our three character archetypes: Attacker, Defender, and Supporter. While we have always tried to maintain versatility with our Battleborn, we will be taking several steps to create more noticeable differences between the broad categories of characters.

Our first change in this direction is to tweak global attack and defense numbers when fighting non-player enemies, such as bots, sentries, thrall, and any enemy in a Story Mission. Attacker characters will get a general damage boost against non-players, and Defenders will take less damage against non-players allowing them to feel more “tanky”.

  • Attackers deal 15% more damage to non-Battleborn enemies
  • Defenders take 15% less damage from non-Battleborn enemies

New Loot Packs

Magnus Pack:

For the serious customization collector, Magnus Packs are now available in the Marketplace for purchase with Platinum! Each Magnus Pack contains the following:

  • 1 Rare or higher gear item, with guaranteed Flair
  • 2 Common or higher gear items, with guaranteed Flair
  • 1 guaranteed Common Skin or Taunt
  • Chance for a Premium Skin or Taunt


  • Dramatically reduced the amount of critical hits from NPCs, thralls, and minions. Critical Hits are mostly reserved for Players and Bots now, with few exceptions.
  • Minions are no longer stunned when Silenced
  • Any unused Hero Keys will automatically unlock a locked DLC character or, if all DLC characters are unlocked, be exchanged for 47,500 Credits per unused Hero Key.


  • Made optimizations to reduce the performance impact of Deande’s Holotwinskill activation