WRC 10: The Official Videogame is al geruime tijd verkrijgbaar, maar nu we in 2022 zitten heeft de ontwikkelaar nog een nieuwe update uitgebracht. Dit enerzijds om het WRC Championship van 2022 toe te voegen, wat een esports toernooi is en anderzijds om de nodige issues glad te strijken.

Dit gaat natuurlijk gepaard met een overzicht aan fixes en die hebben we hieronder op een rijtje gezet. Meer weten over deze prima racegame? Dan kan je natuurlijk terecht bij onze review, waarin we dieper op de titel in gaan.

Online Multiplayer Championship Mode

  • The esports WRC Championship will be available from January to August 2022

NEW: Teams Online

  • In the Teams Online Mode, a player can only join or create a Team. To create a team you need to be at least Level 5.
  • Each week, Teams are competing on a special challenge set up by the game
  • Only a certain number of players from each Teams score points for the challenge, the number of players is set up in the challenge
  • At the end of each week, points are distributed to the Teams according to the ranking of their legitimate leaderboard players
  • Each seasons are 4 weeks long (and therefore are made of 4 challenges)

Anniversary Mode

  • The reference timing has been revised to make the events more accessible

Spectator Mode

  • Custom liveries from other players are now visible in Spectator Mode

Livery Editor

  • Logos from certain esports Team of the 2021 esports WRC Championship have been added in the Livery Editor (esports section)


  • Fixed an issue in all rallies as some cars were sometimes not aligned with the starting line


  • Fixed several Localization issues

PC only

Controllers & Peripherals

  • Fixed icons and prompts on the Thrustmaster T80
  • The Haptic Feedback from the DualSense PS5 controller is now supported on PC*Note: The Adaptive Triggers are not supported


  • Fixed the position of the Ford Fiesta 2017’s exhaust flame
  • Fixed a missing texture on the door of several cars

Xbox Series Only

  • Fixed Localization issues in Online Lobby

Xbox Series, Xbox One & PlayStation 4 Only

  • Fixed an issue when completing a season in Career mode

PlayStation 5 Only

  • Fixed a crash when joining a co-driver lobby

PlayStation consoles Only

  • Fixed loading issues after creating a full Multiplayer Lobby
  • Fixed an issue after deploying a PS4 build on PS5
  • Added Hori steering wheel support for PS4 and PS5