Gisteren heb je kunnen lezen dat een nieuwe update een tweetal modi aan Gotham Knights heeft toegevoegd. Dit geeft de game een nog langere levensduur en de update kwam tegelijkertijd ook met de nodige fixes voor diverse issues in het spel.

Naast dat er allerlei issues worden aangepakt, voegt de update verder nog het een en ander aan nieuwe features en opties toe. De volledige patch notes zijn nu vrijgegeven en die hebben we hieronder op een rijtje gezet.

Meer over Gotham Knights lees je in onze review.

New Features

Heroic Assault
Journey deep into Gotham’s underworld (literally) and discover the mystery awaiting at the bottom!

  • Four player co-op
  • 30 floors
  • New gear
  • New transmogs
  • Launched from player’s location in North Gotham or through the main menu
  • Main menu access is available after initially using the North Gotham entrance

The villains are back for round 2! Square off against supercharged versions of the game’s main DC Super-Villains, including Mr. Freeze, Harley Quinn, Clayface and Talia al Ghul.

  • Solo or two player co-op
  • More difficult versions of the game’s boss fights
  • New gear
  • New transmogs
  • Launched from the villains trophies in Belfry



  • HP requirements for Stealth takedowns
  • Boss elemental gears requirements and resistances
  • Late game content
  • AI Spawning closer to the player’s level
  • Enemy health has been lowered on hard difficulty
  • Weapon and gear stats


  • Fix for missing ability points not granted to the player at times
  • Robin’s Vantage Mine blast radius reduced
  • Robin’s Hanging Vantage Takedown will slightly alert enemies instead of revealing the player’s location
  • Robin’s Warping Shot ability doesn’t stop armored attacks anymore
  • Fix for AI reaction to Batgirl’s Hacking Overload on non-grounded turrets
  • Robin’s Slideways Takedown ability disabled on Court of Owl’s Talons
  • Robin’s Bo Swing now applies guard break
  • Fixes for Piercing ability icons
  • Removed cooldown HUD visual feedback for instant abilities
  • Throwing enemies will do increased damage. Additionally, it will cause the enemy to be stunned
  • Co-op attack damage has been increased and will award 1 bar of momentum


  • Ruthless Healing conditional property now working as intended
  • Increased stealth potential stat on stealth gear
  • Adjustment of CPL value, to make it more representative of the gear strength


  • Simplified and clarified Knighthood challenge objectives
  • Increased the amount of Nth Metal awarded by Penguin


  • Reduced Health of the Drone Master
  • Fix for throwing Large Enemies into wall not causing damage


  • Fix for incorrect enemies vulnerabilities.


  • Player will have access to the Cosmic Batcycle colorway after completing Batgirl’s Heroic Traversal side activity in North Gotham

Gear drop

  • Fixed last Hidden cache not rewarding anything
  • Added a message when blueprints are automatically converted into salvage

Boss Fights

  • Fix for Talia getting stuck on a wall without evading
  • Fix for Talia using her bow as a katana during the fight
  • Fix for Batgirl’s Drone staggering bosses
  • Fix for Red Hood’s “Focus fire” ability being blocked by Bosses
  • Fix for Clayface’s spiked attacks on cloaked Robin
  • Fix for Harley Quinn counter attacking when being stunned

Photo Mode

  • Added new Body Poses
  • Added Intensity option for many of the Filters
  • Added Look at Camera option (available when a Body Pose is applied). This option is replicated to other players
  • Light Rigs are now replicated to other players
  • Light Rig global intensity is now higher and each light’s intensity can be separately controlled


  • Matchmaking privacy setting option added when starting a New Game
  • Fix for certain crime victims dodging the Batcycle
  • Turning Off the Enemies stat display in the Options menu will no longer make the Informant Icon disappear
  • Red Hood’s laces will no longer stand out
  • Fix for rumble suddenly stopping from working
  • Adjusted rumble intensity in various situations.

Added Dynamic range presets under audio options

  • Home Theater (Default and Full dynamic range)
  • Night Mode
  • TV
  • Headphones