Op 21 februari verschijnt Like a Dragon: Ishin! in het Westen, wat een heruitgave is van de game die jaren terug enkel in Japan verscheen. Iedereen die deze titel heeft gemist kan dus nu alsnog met de game aan de slag. Dit op de PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S en pc.

Bij deze game horen natuurlijk Trophies en Achievements, waarvan de eerste lijst nu beschikbaar is. De Achievements zullen natuurlijk hetzelfde zijn, maar een andere waarde kennen gezien het met punten werkt. Wat deze waardes precies zijn is nog niet bekend, gezien de Achievements nog niet op Xbox Live staan.

Wat je moet doen voor de platinum Trophy is als volgt.


Bakumatsu Boss
-Collected all trophies.


Legend of an Era
-Completed the game on Legend difficulty.

-Brought the Completion List to 100%.


Hero of a Nation
-Completed the final chapter.

Ultimate Champion
-Completed every Ultimate Challenge.

Divinely Virtuous
-Earned at least 300,000 Virtue in total.

The Gods Hath Been Humbled
-Completed all tasks in the Diligence Records.

Limit Breaker
-Broke Ryoma’s stats beyond their limits.


Home, Sweet Home
-Set foot in Tosa.

Losing a Brother
-Completed Chapter 2.

A Messy Investigation
-Completed Chapter 4.

That Was Close!
-Completed Chapter 6.

The Bottom Drops Out
-Completed Chapter 8.

Secrets Revealed
-Completed Chapter 10.

Cold Betrayal
-Completed Chapter 12.

Halfway There
-Brought the Completion List to 50%.

Nominally Virtuous
-Earned at least 10,000 Virtue in total.

Fairly Virtuous
-Earned at least 50,000 Virtue in total.

Extraordinarily Virtuous
-Earned at least 100,000 Virtue in total.

The Gods Smile Upon Thee
-Completed 5 tasks in the Diligence Records.

The Gods Rejoice at Thee
-Completed 20 tasks in the Diligence Records.

The Gods Sing Thy Praises
-Completed 50 tasks in the Diligence Records.

Making a Difference
-Completed your first Bond.

Everybody Loves Ryoma
-Completed all Bonds.

Social Butterfly
-Reached max Social Rank in one of the locales.

I’ll Have One of Everything
-Ordered at least one item at every restaurant.

Kyo’s Little Helper
-Completed 10 Substories.

Saint of Kyo
-Completed 40 Substories.

Savior of Kyo
-Completed all Substories.

Student Among Masters
-Trained with each master of combat.

You’ve Got Soul
-Unlocked 10 abilities with Soul Orbs.

On the Level
-Reached Level 50.

This is MY Ring!
-Won 10 arena battles.

Revelation Reveler
-Attained all Revelations.

Bring Down the Hammer
-Enhanced equipment 100 times.

-Defeated 100 enemies with Special Moves outside Ultimate Challenges.

The Abyss Stares Back
-Entered a Battle Dungeon 3 times.

Bandit Rustler
-Cleared the Bandits’ Cave.

Bandit Wrangler
-Cleared the Bandits’ Mine.

Sanada Takedown
-Cleared the Sanada Stronghold.

Drop and Give Me 100
-Gathered 100 troopers for the Third Division.

Tengu Tamer
-Helped the Tachibanagumi bring the Tengu to justice.

An Honest Day’s Work
-Grew 10 different kinds of plants in the garden.

Chef’s Special
-Cooked 7 different dishes.

Side Hustler
-Fulfilled 10 trade orders at your second home.

A Well-Rounded Cast
-Caught a total of 10 fish.

Platonic Bliss
-Watched a Slice of Life event at your second home.

World’s Greatest Uncle
-Paid off Haruka’s debt in full.

Now It Feels Like Home
-Changed the interior design of your second home.

The Man Who Does It All
-Played every minigame.

Easy Come, Easy Go
-Tried your hand at each type of gambling.

Noodle-Slinger Supreme
-Made at least 10 ryo in sales at the Udon Shop.

Sing Your Heart Out
-Performed every song at Utamaruya.

Lord of the Dance
-Performed every dance at Nichibuza.

-Placed bets on 5 chicken races.

Like a Dragon in Heaven
-Cleared each of the courtesan minigames.