Nog een week en dan ligt Alan Wake II in de winkels voor de PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S en pc. Met deze aanstaande release is nu de lijst met Epic Games Store Achievements online gegaan en dat brengt ons bij het onderstaande overzicht.

In totaal zijn er 66 Achievements te verzamelen in de game op pc, wat vanzelfsprekend in identieke vorm terugkeert als Xbox Achievements op de Xbox en Trophies op de PlayStation. Het enige nadeel is echter dat we de Achievement punten en Trophy waarde nog niet kennen.

Desalniettemin kun je de onderstaande lijst doorspitten om alvast te checken of die 1.000 Gamerscore of platinum Trophy voor jou haalbaar is. Weet wel dat de lijst wat lichte spoilers bevat.

Escape its Gravity
-Use a Hand Flare to escape an enemy Grapple

Strange Reality
-Solve five Nursery Rhyme puzzles

The Koskela Brothers
-Watch all Koskela brother commercials

The Trail of the Writer
-Watch all the Writer’s Journey videos

Bring It
-Find the Sawed-Off Shotgun

Ready for a Fight
-Find the Hunting Rifle

Greatest Hits
-Find the Crossbow

Stop Right There
-Find the Pump-Action Shotgun

Find the Light
-Find the Flashlight and Revolver

Lights Shining
-Find the Flare Gun

Yippee Ki-yay
-Find the Double-Barrelled Shotgun

This is the Moment
-Dodge at the last minute to avoid an enemy attack

Aimed Ahead
-Defeat five enemies with headshots

Coffee Thermos
-Discover a Break Room

Felt Good
-Use a Healing Item

-Defeat Nightingale

Bright Falls’ Finest
-Defeat Mulligan and Thornton

Girl in Love
-Defeat Cynthia

Filled with Rage
-Defeat Scratch

Storm Cloud
-Escape from the Dark Presence

Stop the Monster
-Interrupt a Taken Thrower’s relocation attempt with the Flashlight Boost

Growing Stronger
-Upgrade any weapon once

Not the Last
-Pick up the first Manuscript Page

All Smiles
-Fully upgrade a single weapon

Carry his Words
-Discover a Word of Power

Nightmare Territory
-Pick up a map

Grew Bigger
-Upgrade the inventory’s size

I’ll Find You
-Find all Nursery Rhyme dolls

Stunning Vistas
-Stun an enemy with a Flashbang

Gone for Good
-Defeat an enemy with an explosion

The Story Come True
-Complete Alan Wake 2

Hunting Season
-Complete chapter “The Cult”

Somebody’s Home
-Complete chapter “Invitation”

Shining in the Night
-Ignite a Hand Flare to keep enemies at bay

Into the Overlap
-Complete chapter “The Heart”

Back in Watery
-Complete chapter “Local Girl”

We Watch in the Night

-Complete chapter “No Chance”

The Old Gods
-Complete chapter “Old Gods”

Seeing Double
-Complete chapter “Scratch”

Rock n’ Roll, Baby

-Complete chapter “Summoning”

The Final Deerfest
-Complete chapter “Deerfest”

End of the Road
-Complete chapter “Come Home”

Talk Show
-Complete chapter “Late Night”

New York City
-Complete chapter “Casey”

Secret Stashes
-Discover one Cult Stash and one Lunch Box

-Complete chapter “Haunting”

All His Life
-Complete chapter “We Sing”

In a Fancy Hotel
-Complete chapter “Room 665”

Told and Retold
-Complete chapter “Return”

Behind the Masks
-Complete chapter “Masks”

The Cult of the Word
-Complete chapter “Zane’s Film”

His Way Out
-Complete chapter “Gone”

All Accounted For
-Find all weapons for both characters

In One Go
-Defeat an enemy with a single shot from the Crossbow

Shift in Reality
-Complete all Nursery Rhyme puzzles

Finding a Way
-Find the Screwdriver

Hidden by the Trees
-Find all Cult Stashes and Lunch Boxes

Coffee-Themed Fun
-Shoot Mr. Drippy or any other cardboard cutout in Coffee World

Filling the Shape
-Place a Charm in all of the bracelet’s slots

Rustic Charm

-Find all the Charms

Back to Life
-Use a Coffee Mug Charm to prevent defeat

The Nice Things in Life
-Pet Mayor Setter

The Other Side
-Change between stories once

Cut Short
-Find the Boltcutters

Chased the Source
-Destroy a Source Point

Darkness Coiled
-Destroy a Darkness Shield