Afgelopen weekend heeft Naughty Dog patch 1.04 voor Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End uitgerold. Van deze update was op dat moment nog geen changelog bekend, maar inmiddels is die ook vrijgegeven. De update richt zich met name op de multiplayer waarin verschillende bugs en glitches zijn opgelost. Het is wat laat doordat Naughty Dog pas later de changelog vrijgaf, maar hieronder hebben we alle details voor je.


  • Fixed a progression stopper where an IGC doesn’t trigger in Cave
  • Fixed a crash in the tower basement


  • Fixed minor aim acceleration issue
  • Fixed a crash that occurs when carrying an object
  • Fixed a texture crash
  • Fixed party join parameters to disallow joining a party that is in matchmaking
  • Fixed Invite Only party setting to properly allow invited players
  • Fixed a crash that occurs when picking up the idol while taking cover
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to get into unintended areas while in water
  • Fixed language loading issue
  • Updated HUD so Marking only shows the arrow and not show the player’s name
  • Fixed crash for Uncharted TV
  • Increased friends list limit to show entire friends list by adding pages
  • Changed network latency settings to decrease white plug incidents
  • Ranked TDM favored status messaging doesn’t show favored status if it doesn’t affect the player’s point earnings outcome
  • Fixed Combat Marking booster so you are unable to mark downed players