Toen vorig jaar de Diablo-esque game Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor Martyr verscheen, wist de game niet de scores te behalen die ontwikkelaar NeocoreGames beoogd had. Zoals je ook in onze review kon lezen was het idee in essentie goed, maar de uitwerking liet te wensen over.

Met de kritiek van de spelers in het achterhoofd, is er sinds die tijd hard gewerkt aan een tal van oplossingen om de game te verbeteren. Vooralsnog is er enkel een datum bekend voor de pc update, maar de ontwikkelaars gaven wel aan dat de consoles kort daarop zouden volgen.

Hieronder een overzicht van wat er op de agenda staat aan veranderingen en fixes, maar waar later nog meer aan toegevoegd zal gaan worden. Wanneer er voor de PlayStation 4 een volledig overzicht bekend wordt, zullen we die ook weer hier plaatsen.

Power rating

  • Power rating of items and characters is gone and will be replaced with Player levels.
  • The maximum level is increased from 80 to 100, but reaching level 100 will be quite the challenge.
  • Mission difficulty will be based on your character’s current level
  • You can equip items depending on your character level (you are allowed to wear items 5 levels above your character level)
  • The level requirement of the loot you gain is based on your character level (±5 levels in general)

Faster gameplay

We reviewed and edited more than 400 different animations and actions, from movement to active skills. This will ensure a fast-paced gameplay, more in line with traditional ARPGs.
A few examples:

  • throwing a grenade will be faster
  • characters will turn without an arc
  • weapon abilities will be much faster

Co-op campaign

  • Martyr’s story will be available in co-op mode (2-4 players).

Tarot missions

  • The Tarot system will be revamped
  • Tarot cards and their powers will be completely changed
  • Instead of generating Tarot missions, every random mission can be enhanced with Tarot cards, similar to the originally planned system
  • These missions will be more difficult and more rewarding at the same time
  • Players will be able to level up Tarot cards


  • Crafting will be instant and won’t require slots
  • New unique blueprints will be added to the game, allowing a higher variety of items
  • The Modify feature will be revamped


  • Challenges will be a new type of special quests with extra rewards
  • A maximum of 5 challenges can be active at a time per character
  • New challenges will be generated from time to time
  • One challenge can be swapped every day
  • Challenges will be shown on the Star Map
  • A separate leaderboard will be added to Challenge mode


  • Warzones will be revamped with new rewards and new maps
  • They will be increasingly difficult challenges, allowing it to function as a gear-check challenge
  • Completing a level for the first time will give better rewards

Map Fragments

  • Various loot sources will have a chance to contain a Map Fragment
  • Combining Map Fragments will provide special missions with high level endgame loot
  • The Map Fragment missions will also contain hidden clues, rooms, etc.
  • Map Fragment missions are limited, they can only be repeated after collecting new fragments


  • A new endgame item tier will be added with unique active skills.


  • Items will have a chance to contain sockets
  • You will be able to enchant your items through these, and even combine these enchantments to create a more powerful upgrade to the item.

Unique, evolving items

  • Loot can now contain unique items but powerful stats which are hidden in the beginning
  • You will need to complete challenges to unlock these traits

Other quality of life improvements

  • Faster mission selection: Based on your feedback, we made mission selection and traversing the Star Map faster and more fluid
  • You will be able to access your inventory and swap your gear pieces during missions as well
  • The XP Bar will be visible during missions, and killing monsters will grant your characters XP instantly instead of at the end of the mission
  • The tutorials must be completed only once (with each class), you will be able to skip them on other characters

And many more!