People Can Fly heeft sinds de release van Outriders meerdere updates uitgebracht die deels bedoeld waren om de balans verder in orde te maken. Daar blijven ze mee doorgaan op basis van community feedback en wat ze zelf zien gebeuren in de game. Daarom zit er weer een nieuwe update aan te komen en men is bijna klaar.

De update die op korte termijn uitgerold zal worden richt zich op het buffen van allerlei elementen in de game. Daarvan heeft de ontwikkelaar een overzicht vrijgegeven en dat kun je zoals altijd hieronder vinden. Meer weten over Outriders? Check dan hier onze review.


  • Feed the Flames

    • The Ammo replenished by the Bullet Absorption mod has been increased to 40% (Previously: 33%)

  • Volcanic Rounds

    • The Resistance debuff provided by the Susceptibility mod has been increased to 50% (Previously: 34%)

    • The “Reload Boost” and “Lava Shots” Mods have had their perks swapped.

      • Reload Boost will now increase Anomaly Power (Previously: Firepower)

      • Lava Shots will now increase Firepower (Previously: Anomaly Power)

  • Ash Blast

    • Ash blast has had it’s base skill cooldown reduced by 4 seconds, from 27.5 to 23.5 seconds

    • The buff duration of the Death Sentence mod has been increased by 3 seconds, from 5 to 8 seconds


  • Borrowed Time

    • Reduced the cooldown of Borrowed Time by 5.5 seconds, from 13.5 seconds to 8 seconds

  • Slow Trap

    • The cooldown of Slow Trap has been reduced by 9.7 seconds, from 30.7 seconds to 21 seconds

  • Time Rift

    • The cooldown of Time Rift has been reduced by 3.4 seconds, from 15.4 seconds to 12 seconds

    • Increased the DOT damage of the “A Little Bit of Pain” mod by 71% (from base 0.35 AP to 0.6 AP)

    • Condensed the DOT duration of the “A Little Bit Of Pain” mod to 6 seconds (Previously: 10)

    • Increased the Armour and Resistance debuff provided by the “Time Crack” mod to 35% (Previously: 25%)

    • Increased the Weapon Cleave damage provided by the “Pain Transfer” mod to 20% Weapon Damage (Previously: 10% Weapon Damage)


  • Pain Launcher

    • Reduced the base cooldown of Pain Launcher by 10 seconds, from 40 seconds to 30 seconds

      • Edit: This was mistakenly listed as reduced to 17 due an error on my part. Apologies for the confusion! The actual reduction is to by 10 seconds to 30 seconds CD.

  • Scrapnel

    • Reduced the base cooldown of Scrapnel by 5 seconds, from 22 seconds to 17 seconds

  • Freeze Turret

    • The Hail Shot mod has had its SPF set to 1.5 (Previously: 1)

    • SPF controls how much this mod benefits from the Status Power attribute. This change effectively means that the damage increase provided by Hail Shot will increase by 50%, though the effectiveness of this improvement still depends on the character’s Status Power attribute.


  • Boulderdash

    • Using the Skill will now provide significant (65%) damage reduction during it’s animation

    • Players can now press trigger again to use an AOE attack during the run animation

  • Endless Mass

    • Enemies affected by Endless Mass can now be damaged and killed during the animation

    • Changed the “Wide Horizons” mod so that, on top of the range increase, the mod will allow Endless Mass to ignore the enemy skill “Absorbing Skin” used by Alpha Perforos and Brood Mothers

  • Reflect Bullets

    • Ending the Skill early will now refund a part of the cooldown (up to 90%)

Universal Buffs

  • Armor Mod buffs

    • Personal Space will have its damage bonus increased from 15% to 25%

    • Critstack will have it’s Anomaly Power boost increased by 21% (from base 5.79 to 7)

    • Stand Tall will have its base Firepower bonus increased by 20% and its base Anomaly Power by 16%. (From base level 10 Firepower and 15 Anomaly Power to 12 Firepower and 17.5 Anomaly Power)

    • Perseverance Shield will have it’s base shield value increased by 40% (From base 25 to 35)

      • Note: This patch will also fix a bug whereby Perseverance Shield could trigger and grant shield after death

    • Blazing Aegis will have the armor increase it grants increased by 21% (from base 46.35 to 56)

    • Plate Dodger will have its armor value grant increased by 12% (from base 58 to 65) and its duration increased from 5 seconds to 7 seconds.

  • Weapon Mods

    • Anomaly Enhancement will have its co-efficiency increased from 30% Anomaly Power to 40%.

    • **Bone Shrapnel will have its damage increased by 5% (**from base 56.7 to 59.85)