Ontwikkelaar 343 Industries worstelt nog steeds met de matchmaking problemen in de Big Team Battle modus van Halo Infinite. Het terugschroeven van het maximaal aantal spelers en het verwijderen van de optie om aan bestaande potjes mee te doen, hebben allebei niet geholpen. Het duurt daarom langer om de oorzaak te achterhalen, dus spelers blijven tegen foutmeldingen aanlopen.

Het feit dat dit precies voor de feestdagen gebeurt, zorgt ervoor dat het niet voor 2022 wordt opgelost. Ontwikkelaar 343 Industries heeft een update gepubliceerd die dieper op de problematiek ingaat. Het volledige bericht kun je hieronder lezen. In de tussentijd kun je wel gewoon van de onlangs nieuw toegevoegde Slayer, Fiesta, FFA en Tactical Slayer (SWAT) modi genieten.

“Over the past few days we’ve seen an increase in Big Team Battle matchmaking errors by way of data, firsthand experience, and player feedback. This issue was not prevalent during the Beta period but inexplicably started to manifest last week. The 343 team has been actively investigating and working to resolve these issues but thus far have not been able to definitively identify a root cause nor a proper fix. During the course of this work, a few mitigation steps were taken such as disabling join-in-progress and reducing max fireteam size from 12 to 10. However, neither of these steps made a meaningful impact towards overall matchmaking success. As of this morning, the max fireteam size has been reverted back to 12 and join-in-progress has already been re-enabled (albeit in a bit more throttled manner).

Unfortunately, the complex nature of this problem, coupled with the impending holidays, means we will be unable to resolve this issue for at least a few more weeks. Work continues as possible but with upcoming closures and dependencies – and a critical need to ensure the team has adequate time to recharge after a tough year – we are targeting a patch in January. This issue is a top priority and we hope to have updates to share once everyone is able to re-engage after the break.

In the meantime, we do know that solo queue players have a much greater likelihood of successfully loading into a BTB match. On the other hand, we know that larger fireteams increase the odds that one or more players will encounter this issue and fail to load into the game. While solo queue players will still periodically experience matchmaking failures, it does appear to work the majority of the time and if not, it often works on the next attempt. In some cases a player may get stuck in a continuous loop of errors which is best resolved by just force quitting the game and restarting.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we tackle this issue and will share more information as we have it in the new year.”