Het is een aantal weken sinds de nieuwste uitbreiding van Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is uitgekomen, maar dat weerhoudt Team Ninja er duidelijk niet van om de nodige verbeteringen aan het spel aan te brengen. Zo heeft de ontwikkelaar een aantal bug fixes doorgevoerd en zelfs een nieuwe functie toegevoegd.

De nieuwe patch is nu te downloaden en voegt DLSS-ondersteuning toe aan de pc-versie, en alle versies van het spel krijgen een nieuwe functie waarmee je Anima Fragments en Crystals kan gebruiken om de job levels te verhogen. Daarnaast zijn er nog diverse bug fixes in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, die je hieronder terug kan vinden.

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New function

  • Added DLSS settings – You can set it from within the options menu

All Platforms

New Function

  • A function has been added that allows you to use Anima Fragments and Anima Crystals from your ally’s Battle Settings. With this, you will be able to arbitrarily raise the job level of your allies.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to stop when the cursor was moved downward on the room list display screen of room matching.
  • Fixed a bug where the follow-up attack from Soul Shield did not succeed in the tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue where the chain could not be canceled after using some enemy skills.
  • Fixed the following bugs in the job-specific action “End of Light” of the class change job “Warrior of the End”.
  • Fixed a bug where End of Light’s follow-up attack was judged as a normal attack.
  • Bug where End of Light’s follow-up attack continues.
  • Fixed an issue where the command abilities “Blood Mark” and “Holy Mark” would disappear without any effect.
  • Fixed a bug where the time to extend status ailments other than paralysis was too long with the command ability “Cursed Art”.
  • Fixed an issue in which the class change effect of “King of Carving” and “Gladiator” did not trigger the combo ability effect of Just Guard derived attacks after hitting a job-specific action.
  • Fixed a bug where job aptitude bonuses and some effects that affect command abilities were occurring in job actions.
  • Fixed a bug in multiplayer where job aptitude effects that occur due to status ailments such as “Red Mage” and “Jiraiya” rarely occur.
  • Fixed a bug where the effect of the job aptitude bonus “Divine Punishment” of “Warrior of Reincarnation” was not applied to Chaos Bringer.
  • Fixed an issue where the companion NPC Jed’s job would become stuck when set to “Ninja” and resonated.
  • Fixed an issue where poison damage increased on some enemies.
  • Fixed a bug where some bosses, such as the boss “Tiamat” and the boss “Dragon Zombie” whose parts can be destroyed, would continue to hit continuously when their parts were destroyed.
  • Fixed a bug where the accumulated value of the magic “Stun” and “Poison” did not enter the boss “Dragon King of the Beginning”
  • Other minor bugs fixed