Volgende week woensdag gaat het vierde seizoen van Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 en Warzone 2.0 officieel van start. Activision heeft daarom een uitgebreid overzicht online gezet van de plannen voor de aanvang van het seizoen, alsook wat er voorbij de helft van het seizoen nog bijkomt.

Het is nogal wat en een direct overzicht tref je hierboven op de afbeelding. Hieronder de belangrijkste details op een rijtje:


  • Nieuwe maps: Tokyo, Paris, Incline (mid-season) en Das Gross (variant)
  • Nieuwe modi: Demolition, Hyper Cranked, Cache, Mutation (mid-season), Headshots Only (mid-season) en Havoc (mid-season)
  • Nieuwe persk: Control Vest en Compression Plate
  • Nieuwe Killstreaks: Loitering Muntion, I.M.S., Missile Drone en DNA Bomb
  • Tokyo (Launch) – Brand-New, Core, 6v6, Medium-Sized: Experience Tokyo nightlife in this mid-sized Multiplayer map featuring late night shopping, entertainment, and accommodations for the weary traveler. Battle for the map’s major power positions, the Hotel and Manga buildings facing one another over the main road. Except for these two locations, the fight stays on ground level. Close-ranged Loadouts excel in the Arcade and Center Courtyard along the top of the map where kiosks and a sitting area obstruct views across the lane. Areas like the Hotel and Metro Station make for strong defensive points when battling on the far ends of the map. Use them to withstand enemy attacks until it’s safe to move forward again.
  • Paris (Launch) – Brand-New, Core, 6v6, Medium-Sized: Head to the City of Lights for a rendezvous with the enemy, fighting across this mid-sized map dominated by the central Police Station and Gallery. Navigate the surrounding streets to remain on ground level or take the battle to either of the two main buildings. Don’t underestimate the map’s smaller interior spaces, the Bookstore and Shop. These areas provide overhead cover in a pinch and are generally less conspicuous than the large center buildings. Fight around an L-shaped cubicle in the Police Station’s main office or swing through the cell block and lobby. The Gallery presents a tighter layout with exhibits branching off into separate hallways. There has been some kind of break in, marked by a blast in the Police Station wall by the cell block and another leading into the Gallery. Ambulances and police cars provide much needed cover when moving on the roads.
  • Incline (Mid-Season) – Brand-New, Core, 6v6, Medium Sized: Deploy to an isolated research outpost in the mountains of Urzikstan on this mid-sized snow map based in and around the main transport facility. Climb up on the red container or the low roof along the top path to get over your enemies and use objects places around the main facility to climb up into the building. Access the funicular’s lower carriage for a vantage point over the bottom lane. Be careful not to slip down the mountainside when exiting the carriage. Generally, mid-ranged Loadouts will perform best along the outer perimeter while close-ranged weapons reign in the interior locations (the main facility plus the smaller buildings near each starting spawn).

In de Zombies modus mag met de mid-season update een Unstable Rift verwacht worden en dat is vooralsnog de enige toevoeging aan die modus. Tot slot zijn er natuurlijk de nodige toevoegingen aan Call of Duty: Warzone.

  • De bunkers van Urzikstan gaan open wat nieuwe gameplay routes oplevert.
  • Nieuwe varianten van de Gulag.
  • Foresight Killstreak
  • Unlimited Tac-Sprint boots
  • Specialist Perk Package
  • Polaris RZR (nieuw voertuig)
  • Buy Back Royale Solos
  • Runaway Public event (mid-season)
  • POI update (mid-season)
  • Urzikstan Bunker Update – Increased activity across Urzikstan seems to be focused on the Bunkers dotted across the warzone. After keycard access is obtained, an expanded interior may be accessible, along with high-level loot and additional intel regarding the location of [[REDACTED]]. Secondary Bunker exit hatches are likely to be active, allowing your squad multiple methods of escape. However, not all Bunkers appear to be accessible. Further investigation, and great care, is needed to solve this conundrum.
  • Urzikstan Gulag Update – Additional Gulag silos have opened up during Urzikstan Battle Royale matches, and recon teams have confirmed four different variants. Expect to randomly drop into one of them, offering you new ways to approach your 1v1 duel for redeployment.
  • Polaris RZR – The ultimate combination of power, strength, and control has arrived in Call of Duty: Warzone! The Polaris RZR Pro R, a real-world side-by-side UTV offering immediate acceleration, nimble handling, and rugged durability is available as a Land Vehicle within Urzikstan. Appearing as “Polaris RZR” on your Tac-Map, this side-by-side differs from the current in-game UTV as it offers a tighter turning circle and handling, three seats and improved fuel economy. Currently available in Urzikstan in any color as long as it’s gray.
  • Runaway Train (Mid-Season) – Drop into Urzikstan engagements at mid-season, and there’s a small chance your end game occurs on a runaway train. Expect confirmation of this sometime around the sixth gas circle where the Public Event may be announced. Prepare for a wild ride; Operators with memories of “Slay Ride Resurgence” know what to expect. Seek immediate refuge close to the train, which cannot be controlled! Fortunately, the circle of gas (the safe zone) remains over the moving train until the end of the match, forcing squads to battle on or around the careening carriages, though the train itself slows down enough to provide access, as well as unique takedown opportunities.

Voor meer specifieke informatie en toelichting kan je hier terecht.