Godfall heeft een nieuwe update gekregen en ontwikkelaar Counterplay Games heeft laten weten welke verbeteringen deze update zoal met zich meeneemt.

Update 2.2.4 zorgt er onder andere voor dat de overbelichting als je het spel in HDR speelt wat minder wordt. Tevens worden een aantal oorzaken van crashes aangepakt.

De volledige lijst van wat de patch oplost is als volgt:

  • Solved an issue where the host of a multiplayer match would incur a blank screen if a player in the party had not yet unlocked the boss encounter.
  • Solved an issue in multiplayer when the user browsing a menu during a cutscene would be stuck outside after the cutscene and display the character with placeholder textures.
  • Added additional logic around enemy spawn locations to prevent enemies from appearing in inaccessible spots on the map.
  • Solved an issue where Objectives would not update properly.
  • Solved an issue that could cause ranged enemies in the Tower of Trials to move to attack from melee range instead of the appropriate ranged distance.
  • Solved an issue where enemies would lose target tracking of players in the Tower of Trials.
  • Solved an issue where simultaneously killing the last set of enemies in the Tower of Trials could cause enemy waves to stop spawning.
  • Solved a rendering crash that could occur when browsing the personal menus.
  • Solved a crash that could occur with an internal spatial significance system miscommunicating with the server.
  • Added game server capacity in Singapore, Sydney, and Canadian regions for increased multiplayer stability.
  • Tuned HDR output settings to reduce overexposure & bloom