Hot Wheels Unleashed is nu al enige tijd verkrijgbaar en Milestone heeft nog een hoop plannen voor de game. Zo komen ze met extra content in het teken van DC, maar ook werkt men aan updates voor de game.

Zodoende is er weer een nieuwe update uitgebracht en die richt zich op allerlei aspecten, waaronder het meer balanceren van de AI op alle niveaus. Daarnaast richt de update zich op andere elementen die nog weleens fout gingen.

De patch notes hieronder geven je meer toelichting, hoewel het voor nieuwkomers misschien ietwat vaag omschreven kan zijn. Meer over Hot Wheels Unleashed te weten komen? Check dan zeker even onze review.


1. Fixed difficulty in AI on all levels.

Despite the bug, the AI behavior and performance on all tracks suffered from unpredictable effects, causing an impact on every difficulty level.


1. He added the old checkpoints to the lane that had failed.

We a droppoint went through some tracks so we could skip all the courses. Having been changed due to this change, we should have upgraded the steering wheel of the affected track:

Freezer 2 Freezer 2 Freezer 3 Freezer 2 Freezer 2 Freezer 2 Freezer 8 Garage 1 Freezer 2.

2. Go to the track to see how that happens.

Some portions of the railroad repainted, allowing ramps on some points of the bridge. The tracks affected are:

Skatepark 02 Skatepark 6 College 06 Upper Basement 01 Subway 03 Garage 3 Garage 5 Skyscraper 1 Skyscraper 5 Skyscraper 6 School 06 School 04 High School 06 Home 03 Home 03 Home 3 Garage 5 Skyscraper 1 Skyscraper 6 School 06 High School 06 HUD 10 HUD 20 15 HUD 4 BED 5 Skyscraper 5 Skyscraper 5 WED 6 BED 5 High School 3 BED 5 Skyscraper 6 BED 5 BED 5 BED

The game relates to economic growth.

1. The store gives users better user experience.

We increased the number of vehicles available from five to seven. It has also been the longer time to refresh, the shorter period has already been, and the shorter time has already been, so far. Moreover, we made it easier for us to find common car in this shop. Those changes will improve the next time the limited offer shop refreshes for your game.


1. Toned music by wattage.

When the vehicle stepped up, the pitch-sound effect was activated. We then used a vehicle to hit a booster on the road.

2. Correct the randomization of the special SFX of the boost for the following cars:

Time Machine – K.I.T.

Track: An engine.

1. Added a info box to the Track Builder with additional useful information.

A couple of texts with useful information appearing in various cases, mostly to give the player an idea when an operation isn’t available (for example, to try to add an interactive object to the special piece or to give a mode module when the construction limit is reached) or to remind them something important (for example to confirm the modification in a module after editing it or to validate the track after finishing it).

2. In the track Builder, the default speed was x3.

3. Added a visual feedback on the tracks selected in Track Builder.

We added a small check mark to give the players an indication of which customization is actually used for track modules.


1. Added customization options for some interiors.

Now the players can also customize the following forniture:

Kitchen: chairs Kitchen: table: fridge Living room: pool table cloth.

2. We merged to show the name of the customization items we had made while viewing the basement of a second user.

The players now look at the different customizations used by the others, thus making it easier to replicate the particular setup in their own basement.


1. Add new lighting to the flames, which isn’t available on Nintendo Switch.

Other UI / UX :

1. Added an Environment filter to the Community Tracking page.

2. Fixed default focus after opening a blind box.

The button doesn’t focus anymore, making it easier to open a handful of boxes in a row.

3. Removed the on hold button to some pages where it wasn’t necessary.

Affected pages are:

First boot: game options First boot: audio and image options Shop: The blind box opening Hot Wheels City Rumble: exiting.

4. Added a black background to the timer.

5. Add another warning dialog to the Unpair profile feature.

Using this function can save the player’s profile on our servers, thereby causing the loss of any related content, including UGC, game progression, stats. You have no right to use this function. If we’re looking for a solution, please call our customer support before doing this procedure.