Sucker Punch heeft een nieuwe update uitgebracht voor Ghost of Tsushima en deze focust zich grotendeels op het multiplayer component van de goed ontvangen game, dat momenteel gratis via PS Plus te spelen is. Update 2.17 is nu beschikbaar voor Ghost of Tsushima: Legends en deze brengt onder andere opties mee om de uitdagingen nog moeilijker te maken.

Met behulp van custom lobby’s kan je nu namelijk zelf gebruikmaken van diverse pre-sets, die elk de game op hun eigen manier uitdagender maken. Daarnaast kan je met verschillende modificaties jouw eigen Nightmare-achtige ervaring creëren. Hieronder kan je de patch notes bekijken en alle andere aanpassingen van update 2.17.

Ghost of Tsushima Update 2.17 Patch Notes

Added a new Custom Mode option to Platinum Survival. This allows players to enable up to four preset Difficulty Modifiers as well as up to three Nightmare hazards to be present in the match.

  • This allows you to create your own custom Nightmare-style experience. Do you only want hwachas? You can do that!
  • Similar to Photo Mode, matchmaking is disabled for Custom Mode, but it can be selected as a new Fill Party goal.
  • In response to some players asking for an even higher level of challenge, it’s also possible to enable all of the above in a single match. Only the strongest Legends will be able to defeat every wave with all Difficulty Modifiers and hazards enabled, and all bonus objectives completed.

Crafting System Updates

  • When re-rolling a gear property, Keep Existing Property has been replaced with Increase Existing Property. This provides a path for getting maximum stat values on gear without relying on RNG.
  • Revised property rerolls. Rerolled stats will never decrease in effectiveness.
  • Added the ability to reroll locked perks and stats on 120 Ki gear for the additional cost of one Purified Gear Item per reroll.

Other updates

  • Added accessibility option Dark Flash Bomb Effect. This changes the color of flash bomb screen effects to black. (This option applies to both Legends and the single-player campaign)
  • Changed hwacha behavior so it won’t immediately target players upon spawning
  • Assassins are now less likely to be targeted by enemies in the middle of a Chain Vanish streak
  • Added a new Fill Party goal: Purify Cursed Objects
  • Fixed a bug causing some Feats to incorrectly unlock when completing a mission on Platinum instead of Nightmare
  • Replaced wave 12 world mod in Blood & Steel with Toxic Clouds •Fixed a rare issue where world modifiers would fail to network
  • Resolved an error message that would occasionally appear after the conclusion of a match
  • Localization fixes