Met de release van Deathloop vandaag op de Xbox Series X|S heeft Arkane Studios de game voorzien van een nieuwe update die ‘Goldenloop’ heet. Deze update is beschikbaar op de Xbox, PlayStation 5 en pc, waarmee een aantal nieuwe zaken geïntroduceerd worden.

Zo krijg je als speler nu de nieuwe Fugue ability, waarmee je tegenstanders kunt vertragen en verwarren. Best handig in heftige gevechten. En daarover gesproken, je krijgt ook een nieuw wapen ter beschikking: HALPS Prototype. Dit is een geweer waarmee een continue laserstraal afgevuurd kan worden.

Komt vast goed van pas tegen de nieuwe vijanden, want deze update introduceert ook de Paint-Bomber. Deze vijanden zijn ingewikkeld met verfbommen en kunnen er een kleurrijke boel van maken. Hieronder per nieuwe toevoeging een meer uitgebreide toelichting en tot slot daaronder een trailer.

New Platforms & Crossplay

In addition to adding a host of new features to the game, the GOLDENLOOP Update brings DEATHLOOP to brand new platforms! With this update, you’ll be able to play on Xbox Series X|S. And if you’re a PlayStation Plus (Extra or Premium) or Game Pass member, you’ll be able to play all of DEATHLOOP (including the new GOLDENLOOP Update features) for free on day one.

The GOLDENLOOP Update also introduces crossplay for PvP matchmaking across PSN, Xbox, Steam, Epic and the Microsoft Store environments. You can set your Cross-Platform Matchmaking setting to Any (all platforms) or Same (just your platform), and you can also set your Cross-Platform Matchmaking controller to Any (all controller types) or Same (just the one you’re using).

Xbox console and PC versions will also feature cross-purchase and cross-save, so if you purchase DEATHLOOP through the Microsoft Store on either Xbox or PC, you’ll be able to play it on your other Microsoft platforms and pick up right where you left off.

New Ability: Fugue

Blackreef is an eternal party, and what’s an eternal party without a little intoxication? The new Fugue ability is a projectile that slows and confuses your target, briefly rendering them harmless (and tipsy). The Fugue ability also includes four discoverable upgrades:

  • Coda: Extended duration
  • Earworm: Cast a Fugue “mine” on a surface
  • Discord: Target becomes hostile toward its allies
  • Syncopation: On target’s death, Fugue affects nearby enemies

Just imagine the damage you could do with the combination of Discord and Syncopation. Now that’s Colt’s kind of party. You’ll have to do a little digging to find out how you can nab the Fugue Slab. Maybe check out Karl’s Bay in the afternoon? You may find a new mystery to unravel.

New Weapon: HALPS Prototype

The Visionary Wenjie has a new treat for you. The HALPS Prototype is a new energy-based rifle that fires a continuous laser-like beam, allowing you to rip through your enemies with precision. Fire the beam at a turret or security camera to refract the beam and hit your foes with bank shots.

New Enemy: Paint-Bomber

If you thought the other Eternalists were off their rockers, just wait until you meet the Paint-Bomber. These new NPCs are taking their creative flair to a new level, strapping themselves with a bandolier of paint-filled explosives that they’re all too happy to ignite while they sprint your way. Don’t let them get too close or they’ll take you down in a blaze of glory with them and turn you into another paint smear on the island of Blackreef’s colorful streets.

New Ability Upgrades: Four New Upgrades for Julianna’s Masquerade Ability

Previously Julianna’s unique ability Masquerade was the only ability in the game without its own upgrades, but no longer. With the GOLDENLOOP Update, you’ll have four possible upgrade options:

  • Ensemble: Target up to three NPCs with Masquerade
  • Mend: Regenerate health while using Masquerade on an NPC
  • Expose: When an NPC affected by Masquerade dies or spots Colt, Colt is automatically tagged
  • Incognito: Damage taken while using Masquerade is converted to Energy

New 2-in-1 Trinkets

19 new trinkets have been added to DEATHLOOP, but these trinkets aren’t like the ones you’re used to. These 2-in-1 trinkets all combine the abilities of two existing trinkets. Take the new ‘Wrecking Ball’ trinket, for example, which fuses the existing ‘Sprinter’ (move faster) and ‘Unstoppable Force’ (damage an enemy by sprinting into them) trinkets. Or ‘Rolling In It’, which is a blend of ‘Deep Pockets’ (carry more ammo) and ‘Stab N Grab’ (receive ammo from melee kills). Snag one of these dual-purpose trinkets to free up some space in your gear for new trinket possibilities.